3.8 Career Monster

The red LED strips hemming the unsurprisingly black leather executive chairs lit up slowly. It was pointless as nobody was there, no cameras were watching, but the person in charge of the decor had a massive discount coupon from *** and was thinking about opening a pc gaming room inside this shared workspace building, after… Continue reading 3.8 Career Monster

3.6 Careers Coach

The coach sat on the throne, but wasn’t playing a game.  He was wondering about a change in career, about finally telling his manger to just fuck off and leave him alone.   This manager was one of those young graduates who had passed with an upper second; having kept up to date with all the… Continue reading 3.6 Careers Coach

3.5 Careers vs dreams

Vindy saw Alice headed towards the west wing. Their eyes met, and Alice rolled hers with a small grin.  “So, what was it about?” he asked. She side-eyed him. “Were you asleep? Bruh,” she said, catching a whiff, “were you smoking?” Vindy popped another mint, ducked out his lips, and shook his head vigorously.  Candice,… Continue reading 3.5 Careers vs dreams

3.4 Careers Brian

Brian held the door open for the company director, a much older man who looked like his eye sockets were receding and his cheeks were about to start hanging, but still wore a striped blazer and drove an open top Porsche. The director stopped in his tracks as he remembered something.  “Ah, I’ve just remembered… Continue reading 3.4 Careers Brian

3.3 Careers

The headmaster extended her hand as she smiled and said, “it was good of you to come today, thanks again.”  The Steve Jobs wannabe took her hand and shook it a little too vigorously.  He just had to ask, “I hope I wasn’t too tiring, I get a little excited when talking about work. Was… Continue reading 3.3 Careers

3.2 Careers

3.2 “Excuse me,” called out a young confident voice, as he stepped down from the platform. Hanzo looked round and should have known it was a young man, but he still slightly cursed under his breath.  “Is it true-ah!” the young man had been elbowed by his fellow, who was now bowing and forcing his… Continue reading 3.2 Careers

3.1 Careers

This man stood still on the stage, almost dwarfed behind the pulpit, yet accentuated by the huge wooden and steel organ behind him, and took a second to look around at the rows and rows of pupils in front of him, and then up at the older pupils who looked down at him from the… Continue reading 3.1 Careers

2.6 Beardyboys

2.6  About 19 minutes later, MrBeardy99 fed his followers with a spicy post about a new game he had access to. The biteback came thick and fast. “Another exclusive for the beardyboys! Let’s gooooo!” Kennymorte20 was desperate to be a part of the community. They craved likes and thumbs up and if they got a… Continue reading 2.6 Beardyboys

RB 2.5 The Beta

THE BETA While the populace in Europe were still on their way to work, people in the East were approaching the end of the day.  To be clear, that didn’t mean they would stop working, it just meant the afternoon was about to end and the trudge would continue well into the evening.  At around… Continue reading RB 2.5 The Beta