KOFXV Season 3 is CONFIRMED!!!!

   FGC News ,   June 10, 2024  No Comments

In the most casual way ever, after we discussed the amazing costs and impacts of summergamefest, Oda and Joshua gave an interview with Rooflemonger and PsychoWitch and dropped the bombshell that KOFXV will have a few more characters.  Perhaps not exactly a season 3, but the game development has certainly…

Back from Japan… #snk

   FGC News ,   May 26, 2024  No Comments

So, the burning question of course is whether we will see season 3 or not. The answer is still “can’t say” which is quite infuriating but from a marketing point of view I can see what they’re doing: it’s to keep us talking and to keep measuring the interest. On…

EVO Japan 2024 – the hopium has not been exhausted

So you know I like playing KOF, right? That’s why I don’t update much here. The last post was about doom and gloom if SNK didn’t say anything at the end of SWC.  Well they didn’t, but they also dropped a hint, kind of.  And then they dropped another one…

SNKWC and Death Knell or Rebirth for KOF

It feels like this weekend will make or break me, to be honest.  Still, this weekend will be a killer tournament, arguably better than EVO, as it collects the cream of the crop from around the globe, evening out the income inequalities with all flights paid by SNK.  And yet,…

Is that it? 2nd Anniversary of #KOFXV

   FGC News   February 17, 2024  No Comments

Players who pre-ordered got to start playing on February 14, but today, 17th February, is the day that the game was officially released worldwide.  So, SNK posted a little message: ?KOF XV?KOF XV released 2 years ago today — February 17, 2022! Thank you all so much for the fun…

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