Top 10 KOFXV Mods – How to install KOFXV mods – why SNK was right

Ok, so the poll ended. Check it out, notice I said “SEXY” Mai skin. You’d probably imagine it’s a no-brainer, it’s gonna sell like hot cakes, right? Well.  There’s something to say about audiences.

This wasn’t convincing, but if we went with a more direct question, the results were:

The problem with this response is that people have particular tastes. As soon as you ask for more details you will see that they want a certain type of costume or for certain characters only ????? it’s still hard to prove anything to snk now, and Oda has already stated that there are no plans for skins for KOFXV.

So it’s pointless?  Well, let’s take a look at the mods on gamebanana, here are the top 10:

  1. Potato Mod
  2. Shermie Classic Outfit
  3. Mai Goddess Outfit
  4. Shermie Nude / Bikini Collection
  5. Leona SNK Heroines
  6. KOFAS Character Select
  7. Nude Leona
  8. Jacketless Whip
  9. Ultimate Kyo
  10. Mai Bunny Costume

This says an awful lot about the playerbase, first and perhaps most importantly, that they don’t have super-duper PCs. As for the rest, it’s exactly as expected.  Now the issue is, as most of these players have access to free mods, would the PS4 audience buy a sexy mod?  Or even a Kyo classic costume?  It’s gonna take a lot of time to find out, and still, there are some variables, like region, age, average wealth.  Right now, I have to say that SNK was proven right to not make skins.  Yet, at the same time, I have this burning feeling that a bikini Mai or wedding costume would have turned a great profit. However, the data has betrayed me.  I cannot present 51.1% with any confidence.  Unless SNK would like to run their own surveys, it’s game over.  As it’s becoming clear to everyone, SNK will now move on with MOW2.  If Kim, Shingo and Samsho don’t sell, they will be the last DLC for KOFXV.  Was SNK right? Were they wrong? You tell me, but the data is confusing, not convincing.


Ok, so you have a PC and want to install mods? Ok, I’ll show you.

This doesn’t work for PS4 or PS5, you need a PC.

Simply download Unverum

You may need to show Unverum where to find the KOFXV_Steam.exe, which is usually in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV\

and that’s it, just run unverum, and browse mods!  Download the ones you want, make sure they are ticked (running two on the same character usually means only one will work) and then launch game from Unverum – whenever there’s a new mod, otherwise you can run KOFXV from Steam as usual.  Enjoy!