New Ramon Infinite #KOFXIV

Yesterday, Mario Alberto posted a link to a video by Onimenodacho Rock which showed a couple of loops revolving around cancelling Ramon’s crouching LP into another.  It was interesting, so we shared it around to see if someone with faster fingers could make something of it.

And today we present to you the infinite:

Ricardo Guadian has also done it on Facebook.

Kane Blue River responded to calm player fears.  The Beni infinite is harder than this, and that was hard enough… It might be easier to do on a hitbox but the repetition and time required to get 166 hits to inflict 1000 damage might well give you more than a nosebleed.

It caught the attention of PR Balrog; even Snake Eyez popped in to analyse it:

Ramon Infinite Tutorial:

How the infinite works: For some reason, if Ramon runs, it cancels the recovery animation of his crouching LP. So, just do crouching LP, run and repeat. You’ll notice Ramon running more suddenly when you get the timing right, and that means it’s working.

How to do the Ramon KOFXIV infinite:

[downforward LP, fwd x2] x i

James Alderson gave a great tip: pressing df, counts as fwd (as well as crouch) whereas it would normally need fwd x3.

Hats off to anyone who can pull it off! So far, I can do two loops, and it’s very hard. It could get easier but…. personally don’t see a need to nerf Ramon because he needs that cancel for his playstyle.  What do you think?

Btw if we all get the update (which I doubt) by Jan 11, then online tournament will be open!  Also, French Tournament is full, but there are still places for the Korean Qualifier.   Aaaaand there’s a special offer in the shop ending Jan 12!

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