As reported previously, the survey revealed that the DLC that English speaking fans wanted most was Story Mode, a better Training mode and Frame Data!

Many outspoken fans were quick to dismiss this opinion: “Listen to the fans who actually play the game”.

However, since the people who filled in the survey actually wanted frame data as well, it’s hard to say they aren’t “players”.

When asked if they filled out the survey, some responded with “not yet”.  And thus, the sound of a facepalm echoed through the halls.  Are these fans too busy playing to take a minute to tell the company what they actually want? Sheeesh.  But nooooo, it’s fine, they’ll just whine about it on the Internet later.  “They just won’t listen!” Yeah, that makes sense.  Those who did fill in the survey, including those who wanted a PC release, are a clear minority…

Are these vocal fans actually a niche within a niche?  Are the players who play the game competitively getting the wrong impression that they represent everyone’s opinion?  The problem is that the players are the ones we see on streams, representing the community!  They need to be happy with the game, or they simply aren’t going to play it.  Remember they aren’t playing for big money….

The Japanese Survey has now closed, and the results show that more than 70% want character DLC!

According to one source, the Japanese community is very used to micro transactions and the usual price is no more than a few goes in the arcade.

However, looking at the backlash from the Western fans, SNK may well be wise not to jump to conclusions.  Even Blizzard released their extra characters for free.  Fans seem to be more happy to pay for cosmetics, costumes etc.

But let’s check this one more time- we hope you have just a second to click a button, you won’t need anything more.  Is 50 characters enough?

Which DLC do you want? (Pick two)

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While we’re on the subject of DLC, why not give us your feedback on the very stickly issue of Max Mode and how players are not happy with it, or rather the way that certain characters win, while others cannot (we’re looking at you Robert, K’, Iori and Kyo).  Here are the solutions as offered up by the community – which do you think is best?

Best way to fix Max Mode

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Twitter is neck and neck….

Btw, if you are tired of people complaining it’s difficult to find a room, here’s how you can help:

And finally, as for character DLC, here’s our poll – who knows who is ticking these boxes but it is what it is!  Feel free to fight the popularity of Orochi team hahahaha wherefore art thou Saisyu fans???


See you on stream!

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