The #KOFXIV Roundup!

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The #KOFXIV Roundup!

Trailer Reactions, World Tour Photos and Tournament action!

KOFXIV DAY 1 Patch coming

Some things will be balanced, and netcode will be tweaked.  DLC will be locked to purchasing account.  Be careful!

Women and K’ Trailer Reactions

So the last two team trailers were released in ONE day.  What’s next????

King Jae’s response

Yangchen Canton Cup 6 English Stream

Check out how Freezer did, travelling all the way to Morocco to China.  Did he even get a win?  How did MadKOF and Ren do against Van, Lancer and Xiaohai? Check it out with DogeSmith commentary.

World Tour Photos!

SNK continue their tour with more demonstrations and presentations.  After the dream match, SNK brought out the big guns with these super cool cosplayers!

Summer Jam KOFXIV

Look who won KOF14 team battle at Summer Jam!

If you can’t wait for the youtube replays, twitch archive is here!

Go1’s prize at Dream Match

Meanwhile at Gamescom

Ryan Hart had a session and interview with Oda on the Gamescom twitch.

More interviews to come ^^


And in anime news, WE HAVE A WINNER.  Who is DragonLord Z?  He beat Dogura.  3 times Stunfest Champ.  Interested now? Read a bit more here.

We wish DLZ all the best in his time with us and hopefully this brings him a step closer to a real paying sponsor!

More UK KOFXIV events coming!!!





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