“Now I’m angry! I’ll make you freeze!”

While the latest screenshots of KOFXIV drive people insane, the debate over the speed and jumps in KOFXIV continues.  Perhaps a lot of fuss about nothing?  Some players such as Xiaohai took it very seriously.  Other high profile players have responded.

Players bounce back against the floaty jump “issue”

Frionel, consistent top 3 in Morocco and France, said

Not all the characters have floaty jumps, it really depends on each one’s (game) balance. And it will help online play, so we can still react and anti air the jumps even with some frames of lag.

This echoes my earlier argument.

Romance, NEC & SCR champ, said:

At the beginning it was really uncomfortable, but just like 2k2 to 12 and 12 to 13 each new game has a different system, it was just a matter of time before I was able to do combos and started to enjoy the game a lot more.

He talks more about the game in depth here:

AS.Reynald, aka EVO champ, said:

The old pressure won’t be as effective in this game.

-implying (in my opinion) that it’s not going to work anymore: old skool players will have to adapt and will have lost their advantage.  Much like SFV, this game is going to be cleaner.  Things like alternate guard (where you can avoid a grapple by mashing directions) have been removed to make it a fairer game.

So there you have it.  If you’re worried about the jumps, think again about how you felt when you first played KOF13… that is, if you have actually stopped playing KOF2002, and not even UM, in which case, all other KOFs are crap, and you are probably right! :p  We’re mostly confident most of you will enjoy KOFXIV, it has so much variety, and that’s just the start!


But…. where’s the exhibition?  We know Oda will demonstrate the game on Friday… when most people are at work (but kids are on holiday so that’s good)… and Saturday he’ll be available for a signing, which is cool… but… ummm

If you think Deep Silver and Koch should get more involved with FGC to bring the KOFXIV hype, RT the above!  Or even tweet them yourself!

Fatal Fury/King of Fighters “C62 Shirokuni” Remix

And now for something funky.  GVGKid has just released his newest track!  Check out the KOF14 remixes too, below!

You might as well put the rest on a playlist and just listen non-stop.  Great stuff by GVGKid!  Note that these are remixes, not the actual soundtrack, but wow, such quality!  And yes, he’s the author of these remixes.




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