Antonov revealed in KOFSTATION !

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Antonov revealed in KOFSTATION !

This morning SNK tweeted a little more information about their upcoming KOFStation!

While the Japanese version said there would be announcements from Kyo Kusanagi, the English version of this tweet simply said to stay tuned.  Fans were wondering if Masahiro Nonoka would be doing the voice, as many characters are voiced by new actors this time around….

Then this video popped up! BEHOLD!  KOFSTATION with English subs!!!!  It gives lots of information about the series including the fate of Nonoha!!  Check it out!  You can also see Antonov at this point!!!  Don’t forget Famitsu showed a sneak peek of their footage of KOFXIV too, due for release in a day!  More info on the video after the show.


So if you don’t remember or know, Ichiki-san (the guy on the right) became quite well known during the KOF13 era as an avid Terry player and for his side quest to become a voice actor.  He has appeared in the magazine and on streams for Famitsu for KOF specials and now for SNK on their webcast.  Will he get a character role one day?  Or maybe he already has one!  We shall see…. but it’s certainly nice to see SNK supporting their fans.

Kensou fans will notice the Osakan accent from Maeno-san.

Lol at Ichiki grabbing up Maeno when he hears the news about Kyo’s Seiyuu (voice actor).  Perhaps a little jealousy causing the shaking to be a little too realistic? Haha!  We’re cheering for you both!

It’s really nice to see all the team.

Ahem, notes about content for the console version at launch…. ahem…

When they reveal Antonov, Ichiki notes that KOF is well known for the “R” referring of course to Rugal.

and so Oda-san explains it’s the same thing.  This KOF is not straying far from the formula.

Now I don’t know about these two actors but the team behind seemed genuinely laughing about Antonov and how he’s a “loveable” character.  Could be interesting…!

After the introduction of the levels of special moves (Special, Max, Climax) Maeno basically says it’s not clear and asks Oda to explain.

So, nothing mysterious so far ^^

Spotted Dune, Picnic and Kyabetsu yet? ^^

The look on Ichiki’s face as he knows he has to fight these three monsters, players of KOF. lollllllll

Great idea to pick the characters for the exhibition otherwise we would have surely seen Iori Kyo all day long lollll

Thanks to everyone for a great programme!!


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