Garou MOW2 sprites revealed

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Garou MOW2 sprites revealed

Hold onto your horses, these are just sprites – this game was cancelled a long time ago.

Oda has mentioned it before, but now we get to see the actual characters that never made it.


In a very long interview with 4Gamer (in fact the source of the lobby screenshots) they reveal what seem to be a street smart punk, a capoeira dancer, a man in a suit, another is a more casual suit, a martial artist and someone who looks very much like Duke or Antonov!  I have a feeling mmcafe is translating this right now so I’ll spare you a botch job! What the interview essentially talks about is KOF14, the team’s history with SNK, trying new adventures like the two stick control in Buruki-one and of course their wishes to make more games, especially the next AOF and Garou.

Who knows what these characters would play like? Any guesses?  Leave a comment –  and don’t forget, if KOF14 is a success, we’ll see more series rebirths!


update: Mmcafe has done the interview! Check it out here


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