These are some of the pics and videos captured at the KOF XIV at Campus Game Fest. It’s in ITE College Central, Singapore!  Thanks very much to Jun Xiang Ng !

You can see some Choi, Clark, Athena, Kyo, Sylvie action and more!  Thanks to Jun for sending these in and uploading the other 2 clips to his channel (he’s a fan of Luise Meyrink!).


In the video below something strange happens, GatoRay reports it at 2:48, did you see it?

What did you think? Did anything catch your interest?  Feel free to leave a comment!


Oda Questions:

I may or may not have time to visit Oda for a very quick interview at Japan Expo (July 7-9).  Time is short and slots are sparse.  If you could ask a question, what would it be?  At this stage, have we not already asked the questions?  Perhaps we could use this time (15 mins) to give some feedback.  If you have something you’re dying to tell him, leave a comment.  No guarantees of course but I’ll take the most interesting questions or useful feedback and see his reaction.

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