Tournament Stream Now with Gunsmith

Featuring Team Mtk and the usual crew!

The Morrocan Stream has ended but we are continuing!

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More about FReezer below! LET’S GO FREEZER!!!!!




Did we say FReezer?

Yes, it’s that time again. The community has pitched together to send Frionel, Salim, Fox, Khannibalito and Tom Sawyer to tournaments all over the world. This time, we would like to send Freezer to IGT.

Freezer works as a teacher in Morocco. It is not a rich country. He had saved money and was going to visit Cannes Winter Clash to prove his skill; show the world he had worked really hard, however, his application was denied. It is actually quite difficult for Moroccans to travel within Europe. However, Korea is one of the places he can travel without application! He really really would like to go finally meet some foreign players and be a part of a grand tournament!

Orochinagi of course will be helping out, with personal financial backing plus more steam code prizes for our donators, through lottery!

The following PC STEAM games are up for grabs!

  • Thief – The Master edition
  • Metal Slug X
  • Murdered Soul Suspect
  • Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light
  • Deus Ex – The Fall
  • Nosgoth Founders – Warlord Pack

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1- KOF13,
2- UMVC3
3- USF4
4- Persona4
Favourite Characters: KOFXIII (Kim -Kyo- K’ -Shen-Hwa Jai- Yuri -Ryo…) UMVC3 (Strider- Vergil- Dante – Wesker) SSF4AE (Juri – Feilong – Yun)

Country: Morocco

Likes: Nothing special

Dislikes: Giving up

Future goals: Winning Evo tournament

Would like you to know: “I’ve been fighting since the beginning of KOF so I’m not gonna let all these scars go to waste without winning a world championship.”

Track Record

Event & position :
Moroccan Madness I KOF13(1st)
Moroccan Madness II KOF13(1st)
Marrakech Summer Contest 2013 KOF13(2nd)
Africa Fighters 2013 UMVc3 (3rd)
After The Apocalypse 2013 KOF 13 (1st)
After The Apocalypse 2013 SSF4ae (3rd)
The Kingdom of Fighters League 2014 KOF XIII (1st)



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