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It’s been a busy week for SNK.

A very early announcement for Psycho Soldiers to be joining Metal Slug Defense, Athena at least is scheduled for May the 1st, which is still a way off!

Sister_logo Sister Quest has begun its drive on twitter to attract followers and is revealing artwork from the upcoming title, an RPG … will it be in English? Many questions at this stage but it’s too early to say.

Edit: Wowwwww I totally missed this: the game is already out lolllll !?!

SNK already has a mini site up for Sister Quest with a promo video and character info (in Japanese of course)

And of course it’s for smartphones… and no cameos… as yet… it looks… uhhh ok, with some choppy flash animation but at least it seems to have a large range of monsters. Oh yeah, RPG, huh, that’s stretching it a bit… but I guess this is the model for the new generation… it’s a LSRPG… Check out the trailer below:

bbk beastbusters
Beast Busters also is gaining popularity, using the free to play model that helped MSD gain 20 million downloads. A new update is scheduled today.

New weapons and cores and combinations are now available!

Version-up overview:
1) New Special Weapons with different attacks and properties
2) New boss character “Youkihi” comes back to life!
3) “Heidern”, “Krizalid”, “Terry Bogard (GAROU MOW ver.)”, “Mai Shiranui” (nurse cosplay ver.)” new Fighters Cores
4) Addition of Platinum Tickets that can be acquired at rare chances and cores selling times. Special Items can also be exchanged!
5) Addition of Evolution specifications to Power Up Combination Cores, etc.

“BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF” official website: http://www.snkplaymore.co.jp/us/games/apps/bbk/

Metal Slug Defense Missions

Here is Dark Chaotix showing you how to do these missions


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