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#SS6 GF / OS by Torta #fanart #kof #usf #NCR

Today’s update has a little news, some match videos, an OS guide by Torta, and a whole lot of fanart tweets. You may need a pc to view all the images!

Pssst, Gunsmith will be commentating in English on stream at Cannes.  Make sure you tune in ^^

Shadowloo Showdown 6

SF4 Grand Finals – Momochi vs Kazunoko

Yup, still waiting on that GF replay for KOF….

Norcal Regionals

will be part of the Capcom Pro Tour 2015.

You can also bring in your own game, space for which will be decided by signups. Highest entrant number will get a spot on the official stream. HINT HINT



Here’s a whole load of tweets I got of Maccoy, who’s been a very busy boy, and Myuu and others. You may need a pc to view all the images.





Kyo, Benimaru and Daimon join METAL SLUG DEFENSE!!!

19 million downloads and going strong!


It’s like having a whole load of NESTS clones at your disposal hohohoho

GET the game here




KOF13 OS Guide



KOF2002UM on Steam!

The release date is FEB 27 2015

  • The same devs who developed the awesome netcode for KOF98FE, Code Mystics, are on the job!
  • 66 characters in all
  • New and old moves return!
  • MAX2 Moves with super detail!
  • Redone background music and win potraits!
  • Based on NESICA LIVE version with Tougeki changes!

You can pre-order the game for 20% off if you visit the steam page here:


DKO Ranking: 13th Feb https://www.facebook.com/events/401582230010275/


MAR 2015



APRIL 2014




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Now with Pao Pao flavour!


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