Another online tournament from a few weeks ago in France, single elim, but really, why did people pick Amane, the lowest tier in the game? Perhaps the BBCP community are more about fun than winning? Pretty cool, if it’s true. Netcode proves to be as important as we argued, and the BBCP community is thriving. How long will it last, I can’t say. UNIEL has certainly punched a hole in the player base.

Anyway, check out the matches below with familiar faces : kainxspirits, Lensta, Sakura Otoko, Kimaf (John972…), Destroy and Dedg!


Dengeki Climax

Note that we have two new characters coming that you may recognise…

Fist of the North Star


All EX thingies..


Gootecks analyses the Dreamhack Grand Finals between Ryan and Louffy


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