Classic SNK game footage

After a forced break lasting 6 months courtesy of youtube copyright violation, the youtube account ImbuedGold [ ] is back into operation. This youtube account is one of the many out there that “dedicates” to nab japanese footage from niconico douga, and put it up in youtube, so that the matches will reach a wider audience. If you happened to watch footage from that account before the break, it might be good to keep it in mind not that pause period is gone.

There is not only classic footage, but also KoF XIII footage; like some “new” sets of matches from Game Spot Versus 21 :

Obviously, there is classic game footage, such as tournaments from Mikado :

Matches from “teams” such as “I’m not a boy” or “get in the ring”, Garou Densetsu focused communities :

Classic KoF Action :

There are even some anime MADs (what got the account the copyright clams in the first place!) :

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