TRUE Supa had this to say:

“Following up to the final days before full release of KOF XIII SE any UK wise we have a group on Steam please join for group chats, help and of course ggs : ) Administrators are Higashi Gareth Clews and Samurai Pizza Ken Kenneth McDaid. Please add them both also I go by the name of t3hkidfrom79 anyone euro wise please feel free to add me. I hope SE brings a whole lot of new players and helps everyone improve : ) Also huge thanks to Gunsmith for all the support and time he has put in to pushing KOF of the last couple of years.”


Steam Community :: Group :: KoFUK
And if you want to join the Orochinagi International Group, it’s here:
Which for some reason has members such as Keykakko, DCHURATA and CafeID’s Lacid.  Oh and SamuraiPizzaKen.
All I need now is a new PC…. >_>

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