Thanks to everyone who came to another successful 360Gaming tournament last week!

UMVC3 Results:
1st OneUpMiles
2nd Cheech Wizard
3rd Xcalibbop (Bebop)

TTT2 Results:
1st Bonus Jin
2nd Umer Kazama
3rd The One

Injustice Results:
1st Hollow

TTT2+UmVC3 videos here: TTT2+UMvC3 Youtube Playlist

As well as the continued support from the Tekken crowd, it was good to see the Marvel players come down and show their support (and even get their own “Battlezone” grudge match, stay tuned for that). Hollow also continues his dominating streak of winning every UK Injustice tourney he enters, will anyone be able to stop him?

Lastly, this event was the debut of the UK’s first ever BIN BAG MATCH!!

UMvC3 Grand Final:

TTT2 Grand Final:

See you next time!! (Friday 14th June for next TTT2 Ranking Battle, and Sun 7th July for the next 360gaming tournament, as well as Sat 17th August for the Tekken MAJOR!)

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