Ryan Hart interviews BAS

Not your usual hum drum interview, Bas lets rip on certain companies and their attitudes to taking feedback from the community. Very interesting reading. Perhaps misinformed? Bitter about something? He also calls for SF to be more like KOF lol.

RH: Are you excited for CVS 3?
BAS: “Well, if it’s comes out! I’m not expecting anything at the moment because SNK is involved I don’t really want to get my hopes up.”

RH: But KOF XIII seemed to work out ok.
BAS: “Yea well not only SNK, but Capcom too.”

RH: Hmm, ok, what about…let’s say…would you be happy if Capcom announced that Street Fighter Alpha 4 would be released?
BAS: “It doesn’t matter what game comes out if the developers don’t understand the game then it’s pointless, and that’s the problem. They don’t understand the game.

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