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Ichigeki Results & Photos

Brackets with player names in English

Brackets with player names in English

Some things to note for watching Nico live streams

wwwwwww = laughing

??????????????? = Aiiiiiii – it’s just what they call out at the start = hype.

88888888888 = applause

Thx Professor for corrections!

Congrats to Koukou and good job to our Orochinagi team Myu and Haregoro! <3 And congratulations to all other participants!

“Also btw, those two sketches done by Ogura for this tournament
Ash’s nail art says “Ichigeki”
On Terry’s pic, his cap says “Ichigeki””

-Thx Prof for the tip

If you have a premium account you can watch the replays on Nico now.