The 25th team battle event from Nishinippori, original upload ??VERSUS. Each players has 2 lives
The highlight for this episode was the “rematch” between M’ and Haregoro. In the v-1 tournament M’ was part of the spectacular upset that took down ON|Haregoro & ON|Myu on the qualifying round in some pretty unexpected & fun matches, thus people here would be wondering what kind of battle would these 2 engage now…. They actually get to fight twice, one in the 4th vid and one in the 5th.

Team 1p : Ruiko , Yukito , Mau

Team 2p : Mepu , Naruto , Himojoe

Team 1p : Mau , Ringo , Haregoro , KouKou

Team 2p : Naoki , Shoki

Team 1p : KouKou , Ringo , Yukito , Mau

Team 2p : Naruto , M’

Team 1p : Ruiko , Haregoro

Team 2p : M’ , Mepu , Himojoe

Team 1p : Haregoro , KouKou , Shoki , Naoki

Team 2p : M’

+ Please help Bala!
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