Xiaohai Wins Pre-SS SF4 Tournament

On the eve of Shadowloo Showdown this weekend, the organisers had their ritual Boxhill (Arcade) SF4 tournament on Thursday night, with the inclusion of big named internationals. Among them was F. Champ, J. Wong, Momochi and Xiaohai. I didn’t get to see the comp in full but here are the results

1. Xiaohai (CA)
2. Gachikun (SA)
3. M.Tan (KE)
4. Eita (AK)
5. Leslie (SA)
5. PhiChamp (DH)
7. JWong (RU)
7. Sol (RO)

It’s going to be an interesting weekend consdiering a natural KoF player won this comp. Stay tuned for more info on the special VIP session tonight which may feature exhibition and money matches.

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