Shadowloo Showdown – VIP Night and Day 1

Today is the day for shadowloo showdown. It’s 9am and everyone is starting to fill the venue up for what will be a hectic day.

Don’t for get it check out the schedule for what times the games are running and catch them on the live Shadowloo Showdown stream as it happens. Note that KoF XIII is later in the day but i don’t think it will be on stream for the pools. If there any changes, I’ll update.

In other news, VIP night was nothing short of spectacular. Saw Dakou and Xiaohai smashing in SF4 but unfortunately they didn’t touch KoF XIII. Everyone wanted to play against them in SF4, where I witness Xiaohai beat Ryan Hart and MOV. I do believe Poongko played DJ HouShen and lost a couple of matches on XIII so had a few of the locals shaking their heads, but I believe it’s all just warmups and nothing serious.

Stay tuned for updates on KoF XIII later into the night.

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