KOFXIII @ Insomnia45 – 5th May

It was recently announced that KOFXIII has been placed in the line up for Insomnia45.

Unequalled Media (formerly the EX Dragon Project) have teamed up with Multiplay to host fighting games at the event.

The International Centre
Saint Quentin Gate


Here is the line up as well as the schedule for all 4 days of i45;

Street Fighter x Tekken
Soul Calibur V
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
King of Fighters XIII
Tekken 6


Fri 4th May 
Warm up session and casuals

Sat 5th May – Tournament Day 1
KOFXIII from 10:30 / SC5 from 14:30 / UMvC3 from 17:30

Sun 6th May – Tournament Day 2
SFxT from 10:30 / T6 from 14:30 / SSFIV AE from 17:30

Mon 7th May
Cool down session and casuals


£5 Entry Fee per day & £10 Tournament Entry per game


More info coming soon.

iSeries official site <<
Unequalled Media site <<
On Facebook <<


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