EU Road to Evo 2012 – Raffle!


Well, that was a good try, thanks to those who donated so far but something more pressing has come up, even more than having Gunsmith over to Evo as a judge and forcing him to wear a dress. Yes, it’s road to Evo time, for the best player the EU can produce.

Evo needs You?

Well, actually, if you suck, they don’t. I’m not going to financially support the costs of sending a player who has clearly no chance of winning at Evo.

I will be watching proving grounds and insomnia45. I will be looking for a rep who is not just the best in the UK, but in France and all of EU too.

More info soon, but let’s make this clear, as we did last year, we can all pitch in together to send a player to the US.

I almost want to send a Japanese player, but that’s not fair to those EU players who have put in the practice.

If you have any spare change, please donate to help us make this happen. We will be holding a raffle soon for all the donators up to 10th May for a XIII figurine, then another, and another. More info soon.

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