RSG explains the EU delay

As you may or may not know, the product manager of RSG recently became married (congratulations again) and was away on honeymoon during the launch of KOF XIII, so ON wasn’t able to harass the office as usual, in order to get answers for you, the adoring and adorable public. There was quite a bit of tension over the delay and now here’s the explanation – the theme for today really should be better late than never!

“The reason for the delay in the rest of Europe is actually quite simple…there was a much bigger demand for the game, especially through pre-orders, than we had initially expected, particularly in France where the order was increased 3 times! Rather than short deliver to retail, we decided to delay by a few days for allow for extra manufacturing. I know there is some discontent about the delay, but it is honestly to meet the extra demand. We actually paid a lot extra to get the delivery to stores for release today in France, so we have done everything we can to get the stock out as soon as possible.. This should have been communicated so please pass on my apologies and explanation to those who feel hard done by.”

Thanks to Yen for keeping in touch with the community.  It’s out in France today, and those who have pre-ordered in the EU might even being their copies now, otherwise it’s out Friday.  Enjoy the game!

And finally… something you may not have noticed….

Which cover do you like best?  Remember – the game has a reversible sleeve!!!  If you’re in the EU (but not in France), you still have 1 day to pre-order….

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