Kof XIII is sold out

In Japan, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.
Yuki Yagami reports:

According to this site, KOF XIII (PS3 version, at least) sold out and is ranked 10th at one of Japan’s console games sales ranking this week (November 28th-December 4th) in it’s first week (Mario Kart 7 is at 1st). (21,525 sold/21,525 units)

Toxic Avenger commented:

Technically week 1 is not over yet, the game has something like 5 days in the commerce, though since it’s sold out that number can’t improve anymore. It’s saddening that SNK produced roughly the same amount of units for XIII than the ones they produced for 98UM or 02UM for PS2; this game has been much more hyped and demanded that those two and they could have taken more risks about it, it would have payed off. I remember that 02UM needed like 2 weeks to be sold out, I even remember reading many rage filled comments about being unable to find copies in blogs that I followed… I wonder if most of the royal prerogatives from international sells goes to the publisher (as they should), that would mean that SNK really lost a chance to make good cash with this title, thus we are better of burning money with that on disk DLC, gentlemen.

What happens when a game sells out? Would you wait for the restock or rage quit and buy something else?

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