RSG explains the EU delay

   FGC News ,,   November 30, 2011  6 Comments

As you may or may not know, the product manager of RSG recently became married (congratulations again) and was away on honeymoon during the launch of KOF XIII, so ON wasn’t able to harass the office as usual, in order to get answers for you, the adoring and adorable public….

Event Photos

Here’s a nice round up of photos that were taken at SVB, TAC and MCM Expo 2011. If you were wondering why you should attend these events, here are 39 reasons!  If you need help starting up your own event, contact us right away! Gallery now archived here Particular photos…

SpekSNK interviews RSG

No it’s alright, you don’t need to thank me for bridging the communities together 😛  SpekSNK were looking for answers so  I put them in touch with RSG.  And now they’ve managed to scoop a little bit more info from Yen, with Netcode info and more on the reversable DVD…