Interview 98 Iori properties translated

Quick notes
– He has his f+B instead of regular Iori’s df+C
– He has his Yamibarai, Oniyaki, Kototsuki In and Aoibana.
– EX Yamibarai behaves like his old Ya Sakazuki/Eight Wine Cups DM
– EX Kototsuki is a different move from the regular version. It might have uses besides just landing it normally?
– No Saika after EX Yaotome
– Which Iori is more powerful? Depends on your play style preferences (lol)
– There are a bunch of little differences between regular Iori and flame Iori:
1) You can’t recovery roll after regular Iori’s Yaotome, but you can after flame Iori’s
2) Regular Iori’s EX Yaotome will pass through a Psycho Ball, while flame Iori’s won’t
So even if they share some of the same moves there are subtle differences you’ll pick up on while playing.
– Flame Iori’s stage is a remake of the KOF’95 rival team stage with ‘those three’ in the background (the USA Sports Team, lol). There are also some details that will surprise Iori fans in the background

Looking at the videos, he can DC his regular Aoibana into his EX Aoibana…which leads to juggle possibilities.

Don’t forget to check out those videos [ here ]

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