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ON KOF Streams: Stronger than you realise…

For those interested in streaming your own event, this might be interesting reading.  Otherwise, all you need to know is that we can guarantee 99% that there will be streaming at the 99x2002um tournament.  Now, back to the technical details…

To get a proper stream going you will need:

  • Consoles
  • Internet
  • Capture Card
  • Splitters
  • Everything connected so there is no lag on player TVs
  • The ability to see into the future

The cheapest and quickest way is simply not touching the setups at all, instead filming them with a camcorder, which is connected to the laptop via a cheap usb capture card, through adobe FMLE, into Ustream, broadcasting live.  That is the way we are going to do it.  This should work, I’ve just tested it at home.  We had a direct stream capture but the TV was lagging (either due to composite cable/hdtv post processing/splitting the signal).  This works.  This should work. I can 99% guarantee we will have streaming at the 94x2002um tournament.  The only thing that could affect it now is a massive horde of pc players coming in to suck up the upload bandwidth.  This is what it should look like:


Gamerbase have kindly offered use of another television and if we turn off all the post processing filters (you can get rid of most by entering game mode), we might be able to switch back to direct feed, but that can only be found out on the day.  It’s gonna be great!  See you there for this GLOBALLY BROADCAST tournament!

Edit: For anyone interested in the youtube video editor, when I uploaded the video above and edited it, the resulting video had LAG… the audio was out of sync…

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