We’re going BACK to the FUTURE! On one hand, the latest KOF that’s keeping us all sharp, and on the other, the classic that started it all.

Date Confirmed!  There is no entrance fee (saving you on average £5!).  £5 entry for 2002um (until 4th March) otherwise £7 on the day per game – see below for advance discounts.  Sign up here by leaving a comment with a valid email address.   See below for terms and conditions, which are subject to change.

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CASUAL WARM UPS @ LONDON TROCADERO GAMERBASE 4th March 19:00 – 23:00.  Come see us and get some play!

STREAMING: Streaming will be tested at the casual sessions first, then if successful, we’ll have streaming of the actual tournament. Visit our channel http://www.ustream.tv/channel/orochinagi, drop us your XBL username if you want to challenge online…

If you want to rent a session at Gamerbase yourself, it costs £10 for 3 hours.  You can see the full pricelist for Trocadero @ Gamerbase.

BONUS MATCH: Should the online be working well, we will also have a special online match up waiting for the tournament winners…


KOF 2002UM: Cash for top 3 (see terms and conditions)

KOF 94: Cash for 1st, Lucky Dip for 2nd and 3rd

Lucky dip KOF94 prizes: Yuri and Blue Mary


Lucky Dip KOF 94 Prize: CVS2 Nakoruru
Lucky Dip KOF 94 Prizes: Bust Nakoruru (Purple Winking) Rimururu + Charlotte (both in the rare transparent pink)
KOF 94 Lucky Dip Prize: MI2 Athena and Lily Kane
KOF 94 Lucky Dip Prizes: Mai and Iori

Also in the bag: Guilty Gear’s I-no and Street Fighter’s Guy

Tournament Format

Two groups of 4 person pools > top two to go to semi finals etc, first to two.

2002UM players

Terms and Conditions

The 94 and 2002UM tournament are two separate tournaments, capped at 8 men each.  Those who pay in advance will guarantee their place in the tournament, however, they will lose their place should they be late or absent.

There is no entrance fee.  The price is £7 per game.  There is an early bird discounted rate of £5 for 2002um.  There is a combined rate of £12 for both games if you pay in advance.  To pay in advance you can pay via paypal or via bank our bank account (BACS).  Simply sign up and you will be contacted with the options.

If you arrive late, you will forfeit your fee. If you are absent for any reason, you forfeit your fee.  If you miss your match, you are automatically disqualified.  There are no refunds.

Prizes: After all monies are collected to create two pots (one for 94 one for 2002um), costs will be deducted (half from each pot).  Each pot’s remainder will be split to approximately 60%, 25%, 15%.  This may be rounded up or down at organiser’s discretion.  2nd/3rd place cash prizes may be substituted for prize objects at organiser’s discretion.

Gunsmith/Alan Francois is the organiser and judge for all proceedings/disputes, his word is final. We also reserve the right to change rules/conditions depending on the number of tournament entrants.

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