KOF XIII Weekend – Gunsmith’s First Impressions

WTF have they done to my Ash!!!!

What I didn’t like:

  • Throw being changed back to Fwd P / K.? I hate that.? I really do.
  • Clark’s air throw is gone, or at least back to jump Fwd P/K.? That change threw me.? Pun not intended.
  • With the reduced sprite size, Ash seems really puny, and feels weak.? His back and forward kicks really seemed to have reduced distance.
  • The overly long combos that take off 80% of your life.? It might be fun to watch, but it’s boring as well waiting for these combos to finish, especially when you’re receiving one.
  • SDM grabs still get punched out by standing A.? Ugh.

What I did like:

  • Getting the shit beat out of me by Salim on KOF2k2um
  • Not much else
  • Seeing Shermie in the French stage
  • Yuri’s dive kicks

Right now, with the level of play (casual), it’s like we’re playing a more complicated street fighter.? I was beating up people using Robert as if he was Ryu.? That’s not KOF.

Having a quick chat with Salim also saddened me as he revealed that France is suffering much the same as London when it comes to KOF: a decreasing size of community.? However, as I explained my plans for the clan, there was hope.? Salim should have gone to Tougeki, but he gave his place simply because he couldn’t afford to go.? He can’t even afford to visit London for a weekend because of his job.? I’m going to try and help, as I try to inject one last vitamin shot into KOF Europe.

Watch this space.

Oh and tomorrow we’ll test out some more XIII.? And probably get some 2k2um matches recorded with Salim, who is top tier, as good as any tougeki player, you’ll see!

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