2k2UM Salim Showcase

You may remember Salim coming to London a few times to play 2000, vs Maan, videos of which still circle round youtube on channel such as DandyDLC etc.? In fact I recently posted up two matches of Salim playing Maan at 98.? Salim also came to London to play 2k2, but 2pac won that tournament, iirc Edit: Salim won that!

Anyway, Salim has still been competing, but with not that much exposure, probably due to the language barrier, so here are some of his more recent matches, starting with his win of the tougeki qualifier – which he then gave to the 2nd place due to travel expense.

What could have been, eh…



[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpYDggrXVuo[/youtube] (2nd vid of 3)

No top tier whoring here.? Isn’t it a pity he didn’t go to Tougeki?

You can find more vids of Salim at La Mythik’s channel

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