SNKP Facebook 2k2UM & Achievements

Figured I might as well mention the fact someone calling themselves “SNKP” has updated their Facebook Page with info on the game… latest piece is the story of Nameless + Character art:

SNK Playmore (not official) on Facebook:

Nameless, new entry (playable character) in THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 UNLIMITED MATCH, is the 9,999th clone of K? and the only survivor of “Project ?”. He served as a guinea pig in NESTS? test cloning to see how normal DNA could withstand the Kusanagi DNA. Once the laboratory members deemed him fit to wield the Kusanag…i flame, his custom glove was implanted onto his right arm. He goes on to meet a girl named Isolde during his hospitalization and then falls in love with her. She too was a experimentation of NESTS, and was bestowed with the power of mastering ice. However, after her tragic death from the testing, in order to keep Nameless?s flames pacified, NESTS inserted her DNA into his glove. Having become an assassin for NESTS, Nameless follows any order from his creators with the hope of resurrecting his beloved.

KOF 2002 UM?s exclusive new character Nameless is truly a pleasure to play as, with powerful, quick special moves, and wrenching combos! Be sure to try him at least once!

King of Fighters 2002: Ultimate Match Achievements

^ list of achievements! They are VERY EASY!

Buy game 30G 😉

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