KOF SkyStage Stage Rundown (Part 4)

First and foremost, this rundown might end up short because there are no existing videos of SkyStage in Stage 4.

Also, to take a short stop on the hype that is King of Fighters XIII.

After a bumpy sightseeing in Europe and meeting some Very Nice People and trying to mingle with them in the very very hard way. We fly back to Asia and go to…


Hong Mei… I mean, China

We first start at an Abandoned Chinese Village which resembles the China stage from KOF ’94. As we fly further, we are in the Mountain Forest with a Waterfall. Which is also a reference of the Stage of the Psycho Soldier Team in KOF ’95. According to the Blog, it’s where Athena and Kensou train if there is no KOF happening or Athena has no tour or recording sessions and rehearsals.

Along the Way we meet a lot of ambushes from a Yellow varieties of the Nukakayoi, Nukautatas, Purple varieties of the Nukamukai, more Burning People (or the Kikakatama), Hahadokus, Hagakawas, and the Kagachio.

Along the way the scene shifts into a dry, stormy place that is elevated from the earth. I think this is Mt. Kunlun from the Chinese Mythos. Which the Chinese call the “House of the Gods”. Which reminds me of the Manga, “Senkaiden Hoshin Engi” (or “Soul Hunter”). Interesting enough, Kula’s Seiyuu (Yumi Kakazu) played as one of the Antagonists (Sou Dakki) in the Anime adaptation of the Manga.

Then we fly into a huge rock floating in the Sky where the gods and the demons believed to have fought in the area. However, THIS IS KOF!!!, not Hoshin Engi. You won’t fight Dakki or the alien Big Bad Jyokka from the Manga, but we fight…


Orochi Yashiro



Leopold” “Koko desu ka?” Goenitz

That’s Right! Two of the Most Powerful Heavenly Kings of Orochi and they mean business. Fighting them will be a hard one…

Not only they shoot bullets at you, but they also send Tornadoes (Goenitz) and Pillar Fragments (Yashiro). So Watch out, they will send their attacks Yami Dokoku from Goenitz or Araburu Daichi from Yashiro to you. So Good Luck.

Once you eliminated one of the two Heavenly Kings of Orochi, you proceed to Stage 5 (which I think is the Last Stage).

I had to end this rundown now before I begin talking about Hoshin Engi again.

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