Announcing Podsumaki, a fighting game podcast

Wry Guy here.? It’s been a while since I posted a King of Fighters Love Letter, but trust me when I say the project isn’t dead.? I make the Love Letter on my personal Destructoid blog and then do my best to improve it by the time it makes it way to Orochinagi.? We don’t want to burn through the series too fast, but the entire Orochi Saga is already complete.? I was going to hold a Mark of the Wolves tournament between the Destructoid and Orochinagi communities as well, but with Gunsmith only just recently returning that will be on the backburner.? Some time in the future I’ll be hosting a King of Fighters 2002 tournament, so keep your eyes out for that if you guys are interested.

Something else I felt like sharing with you guys is a new podcast that I’m helping to host: Podsumaki.? It is a highly Street Fighter oriented group, but we accept guest hosts to help even out the knowledge of the group.? As a permanent member I’m there to fill in the SNK information gap and basically be the KOF guy.? This week we actually got Jonathan Ross to join us, one of Destructoid’s front page staff.? If there’s any interest in it maybe eventually we’ll ask Gunsmith or other Orochinagi members to come on the show.? Before any of that why don’t you guys take a listen and see how you feel about it?? With Super Street Fighter IV right around the corner of course that’s a lot of what we’re talking about.

I would directly place the podcast here, but it seems WordPress isn’t allowing me to do so at the moment.

I present you Podsumaki Episode 02: The Search for Supah

Published by Wry Guy

Just a KOF fan from the Destructoid community looking to spread some KOF Love. We'll be seeing how well I fit in around here.

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