#ivgc Hotel Sessions #kofxiii feat Bubblan Frionel & Bala

I’ll post a more organised something later, here are two playlists, to which more videos will be added by tomorrow! ON CUP VI – Don’t watch if you don’t want spoilers till all the matches are uploaded! Subscribe to the channel and get those email notifications to know exactly when!!!!

#kof2002um #kof98 matches from Nishinippori

Pool of players : ICCHI , Onochan , Shoki , Mononofu , Ryoji , Tiana , May Purupu , Yukito , Yattane Tae-chan , JINKI , ??? , Rosshi , Shikachi , Cap , Akki , Kumo , ? , Tonkatsu Team 1p : ICCHI , Tiana , Ryoji ,…

#Hypespotting #SF4AE French Qualifier Finals

THE MATCHES   Spoilers:         Valmaster is now confirmed going to Hypespotting.  Tickets are booked! But …. He will not be part of Team RAID. It will be … a new team. A new team who will be sending him to IVGC!  

#jojo #kofxiii #bbcp #p4u2 matches

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(links were broken due to a new IE bug, now fixed with additional p4u2 match from acho) Jojo @ acho Capcom Olympics DAT FIRST ROUND!!!! KOF Team Battle at KoHatsu BBCP 1/17/2014 Tachikawa Singles P4U2

Interview with the best Ralf in Japan: MYU

(English and Japanese) As part of our interview series, our next is with Japan’s resident Clark and Ralf specialist, Myu, talking about character love, running tournaments and extra special cosplays.  He also plays Third Strike! 1. Hello Myu-san, what’s happening with you? I’m doing well and playing. My local arcade…