KCO’S Winter Showdown is coming to an end!

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The 98 UM FE raffle is still not won! Top 4!! Coming up! Twitch.tv/kingsofco

NEC15 $1700 Pot, Raffle, New MSD Update! #KOF98FE Balance Changelist #UNIEL #DUCK

Duck King Remix by… Duck King! (if the player isn’t working click here) Metal Slug Update! Celebrate the achievement of a new record with over 12 million downloads!! New update includes removal of units’ max. level limitation, new languages, etc. Version up Overview: French and Russian languages added  (“METAL SLUG DEFENSE” can now…

Prizes to be won by 4th August

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Incentive? Ok here we go! Our lovely raffle for our HD upgrade is not over yet, EVERY donator is in the draw to win a KOF XIII figurine, getting more rare by the day, with no sight of vol 2… Anyway, throw in those donations, every one is a chance…

Elisabeth, Ryo and Opening People up! @juicebox_fgc @dreamcancel

GUIDES GUIDES GUIDES! How can you still be lost? MORE MORE MORE INCOMING! LIZ! RYO! So you’ve been learning KOF13, grinding out those elite combos in practice mode and looking real badass while doing it. But there’s a problem – when you start fighting your friends, you can’t seem to…

Help Will2Pac get to Evo and win a stick!

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Feeling generous now? It’s like a raffle, winner gets a stick and Will goes to Evo! A win win situation! http://www.watchdamatch-esports.com/vsf/newsvsf/wdm-a-levo/