Esaka Showdown! + 50% discount on SNK titles #Steam

We recently asked on the Facebook group, Which Esaka is best? And people seemed to go a bit nuts. So this time, we’ve got a voting form for you, along with all the tracks ūüôā I defy you not to feel shivers down your spine when you listen to KOF…

Cannes Discount ends today/ Sako attending

#cwc2015 early bird discount ends today! Hori.Sako is confirmed to be attending! Also, dead games and new!

$20,000+ to win! #IGT2014 #SF4AE #KOFXIII #UMVC3

Japanese French Korean ??   ¬†NOTICE Please use this¬†Hyatt Reservation Form REVISED 20MAR¬†(doc) (pdf) to get the special CAFEID discount. Please fill it out and email it to¬†   update! CONFIRMED PLAYERS: KOUKOU, ET, REN, OOGOSHO, MARN, INFILTRATION, GAMERBEE, XIAOHAI, DAKOU, SANGE TENCHOU¬†AND MORE (SEE BELOW) The biggest pot in…

Hypespotting 3 Interview

Today we have a special guest, the head honcho of Hypespotting, Walter Fraser, the main man behind the scenes of Scotland’s major, Hypespotting,¬†talking to us about the announcement of the third in the series, historical moments of past, ps3 exclusives shooting themselves in the foot and some ponies. What in…

20% off with discount code!

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Until November 12!!! New designs just in and you can change the colour of the shirt! Here is the code for 20% off your entire order! EARLY20 Don’t miss out!