Updates + HD Poll Results

I just want you guys to know I’m not just sitting on my behind reposting streams. Friday: Set up first EU Tournament for Yatagarasu – 29th Jun at Arcade St with Vampyre Saviour and Super Turbo. Cleaned wiki Databases from 1600 spam entries and reconfigured cache settings. Registration is now via…

02UM Jerome vs Prisca Money Match

   FGC News   September 26, 2012  No Comments

Money matches are always fun!  Here’s the footage from Arcade St, as filmed by Hokuto of Maxmode.

KOF XIII Tournaments Brazil/ France today

“São Paulo’s strongest legend” Kleber Yagami (who reached the finals with Tokido at Treta) will be there, just as other great players from the local scene like Legal, Mr. Bruno, brothersbogard (both of them) and many others. Since São Paulo is really the only active XIII community, I expect the…