KOF XIII Tournaments Brazil/ France today

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KOF XIII Tournaments Brazil/ France today

“São Paulo’s strongest legend” Kleber Yagami (who reached the finals with Tokido at Treta) will be there, just as other great players from the local scene like Legal, Mr. Bruno, brothersbogard (both of them) and many others. Since São Paulo is really the only active XIII community, I expect the overall level of play to be higher than Treta Armageddon.

It should start around 12:00PM (GMT -3) so it might be super early for anyone in the west coast, but probably a good timing for the people in Europe. I’ll be playing King Ash Elisabeth so I hope to have the french community’s support :D.

The stream will be on www.twitch.tv/x_revolution and I hope to have a lot of international viewers, see ya around”

At Arcade St, Paris, there is a team battle tournament today at 7pm and it will be streamed.
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