Updates + HD Poll Results

I just want you guys to know I’m not just sitting on my behind reposting streams.


  • Set up first EU Tournament for Yatagarasu – 29th Jun at Arcade St with Vampyre Saviour and Super Turbo.
  • Cleaned wiki Databases from 1600 spam entries and reconfigured cache settings.
  • Registration is now via admin only.


  • Copied and formatted all of Bugle’s Yatagarasu Forum posts into the wiki
  • Added XDZW Jack and Prayuth pages with graphical movelists to wiki.
  • Recorded Kof Clark’s Extended Vulcan Punch Juggle
  • examined P4A Liz vs Mitsuru and added notes to Forum and wiki


  • Did some work on posters for Full Contact and Yatagarasu Tournament
  • Worked on and updated Wiki Page for Ash Crimson with strategy tips and video tutorials


Need some rest but I’m going to keep going to finish these!  Jojo is coming… ouch.

HD Poll results

Interestingly the HD Chin polls are kinda split 6/4 in favour of retaining SD quality, at the same time that also shows people would like us to upgrade to HD but just can’t spare the cash to donate.

And now we’ve received some great donations, thank you guys, especially Mr F, who was very generous!  I’m not mentioning his full name as people in the past had reasons for remaining anonymous.  Anyway, thank you all again!  I’ll just keep working in SD and leave the donation pot open, so when it reaches the target, we’ll upgrade!


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