Ryo Guide KOFXIV

Ryo Sakazaki



Contribs:  Gillstolemyride (combos, strats and notes)

Summary: by Gillstolemyride

“sitting back in the corner, where i can’t, outrange you, gonna, spam my safe fireball and I’m not gonna move”
Got my crhp buffered, got no lows or overhead, say it, if you’ll stick your light you’ll hit from where i am” (music)

Best Position: Point Mid Anchor

Best Tools:

  • cr C






LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand:
  • Air:


Command Normals

? LPname”

  • Overhead
  • Raw overhead combos into: ranbu, Haouh shoko ken, Climax.

? LK “name”

  • Parries do not generate meter, they actually give meter to the opponent, so make them count.

df LK “name”

  • Parries do not generate meter, they actually give meter to the opponent, so make them count.



fwdbk fwd P “name” [EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab
  • Raw light hundred punches does more damage, however heavy lets you juggle after (resulting in more damage).


QCB K “name” [EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab
  • Grounded lk tatsu doesn’t offer juggle, grounded heavy in the corner does (+lp shoryu)



qcfP “name” [EX]

  • lp fireball does less damage but offers more juggle possibilities (both dp juggle in corner)
  • heavy fireball juggles into light dp (corner) both juggle into light tatsu in the corner, (light juggle midscreen too)
  • Ex fireball can let you juggle into ex tatsu midscreen



DPP “name” [EX]

  • anti
  • It’s…
  • EX is…


Good parry


Supers & Climax

fwdHCF P “Haoshokoken [Max]

  • Max version is..


QCFHCB P “Ranbu”


qcfx2 PP “Ichigeki Hissatsu” Climax

  • Notes


Best Combos

Crossups: Jlk is his only crossup (tight).

Barless uses:

crlk,crhp**heavy tatsu, light dp – 244 damage (whiffs on crouchers, works only near corner)
crlk,crhp**heavy dp – 208 damage
crlk,crhp**heavy tatsu – 192 damage (whiff on crouchers)
crlk,crhp**light fireball, light tatsu – 187 damage (corner only)
crlk,crhp**light tatsu – 174 damage
crlk,crhp**heavy fireball – 159

– crlk,crlk,slp**light tatsu – 154 damage
crlk,crlk,stlp**heavy dp – 185 damage (whiffs on standing opponents, needs to be point blank) 303 damage with Haouh shoko ken cancel on dp first hit, 285 with ranbu,


1 Bar uses:

High starters into super (jumps)

– Jhk, Sthp**light fireball**ranbu – 345 damage
Jhk, sthp**light DP**ranbu – 354 damage (corner only)
Jhk,sthp**light fireball** haouh shoko ken – 355 damage
Jhk,sthp*+Heavy fireball**ranbu – 359 damage
Jhk,sthp**Heavy DP**ranbu – 363 damage
– jhk, sthp**light DP**haouh shoko ken – 364 damage
Jhk,sthp**heavy fireball**haouh shoko ken – 369 damage
jhk, sthp**heavy DP** haouh shoko ken – 373 damage

High starters into MAX (jumps):

– Jhk,sthk**fA**max**sthk**Ex fireball, Ex tatsu, Ex DP – 417 damage

Low starters (crouching):

– Crlk,crlk,stlp**MAX**Sthp**ex fireball, ex tatsu, ex dp – 312 damage (328 in the corner)

2 Bars uses:

Jhk,shk**fA**max**sthk**fa**ex haohou shokou ken – 483 damage
Jhk,shk**fA**max**sthk**fa**ex ranbu – 528 damage
Jhk,shk**fa**max**sthk**ex fireball, ex tatsu, heavy dp** ex haohou shouko ken – 547 damage
Jhk,shk**fA**max**shk**ex fireball, ex tatsu, heavy dp** ex ranbu – 616 damage

3 Bars uses:

jhk,sthk**heavy dp**lvl 1 Ranbu**lvl 2 advanced cancel haohou shouko ken (cancels at the dp) – 603 damage

5 Bars uses:

Corner only: Jhk,shk**heavy dp**heavy ranbu**ex haouh shoko ken lvl2, light dp**ex ranbu lvl 2 – 901 damage.



Kara sweep special cancel increases MASSIVELY your range.

Anti air:

Vertical: light dp into heavy dp is a thing at very close ranges, dp is always a hard knockdown, Crhp, stlp and clstlp are decent. Jump back light kick is decent, jump back c+d is decent.

Horizontal: c+d does tons of blowback on AA and the opponent can’t recover quickly, worth it in some cases on a trade.

Situational: light and heavy fireball, sthk, light tatsu, ranbus, haoh shoko ken, climax


“it’s about how open or closed you end the dp motion before you start the movement to buffer your DM / Climax
in a situation where dp is ended “tight” and the last input is either down forward or forward
your buffer will most likely result in a climax.  however, if the input is large and ends in a up forward / up back you will most likely get fireball lvl 2 dm” – Gillstolemyride

“As long as you let your stick back to neutral between inputs Climax shouldn’t come out. It took me a couple tries.” @pooplos_z

The solution:fwd bkqcbd ddfHP fwdPP


Batch Update from Gilstolemyride

low openers 1 bar

cr.B,cr.A**heavy dp**heavy haouh shoko ken lvl 1 – 290 damage

cr.B,cr.A,stB**max**st.C**ex hadou, ex tatsu, heavy dp – 315 damage

cr.B,cr.C**heavy dp**haouh shoko ken lvl 1 – 333 damage

cr.B,cr.C**st.C**ex hadou, ex tatsu, heavy dp – 351 damage

cr.B,cr.C**f.A**max**ex hadou, ex tatsu,heavy dp – 381 damage

Best low opener reset sequence:

cr.B,cr.C**f.A**max**st.C**heavy hadou, heavy tatsu,st.C**low parry – hop into high – low – throw mixup (350 damage)

Barless followups:

Low midscreen – cr.B,cr.C**heavy dp – 208 damage

Low Corner – cr.B,cr.C**heavy tatsu, light tatsu – 261 damage

High – j.D,st.D**heavy DP – 248 damage

High corner – j.D,st.D**heavy tatsu, light tatsu – 301 damage

High openers 1 bar:

j.D,st.D**f.A**hevay ranbu lvl 1 – 345 damage

J.D,st.D**heavy hadou**haouh shoko ken – 369 damage

j.D,st.D**heavy dp**haouh shoko ken – 373 damage

j.D,st.D**f.A**max**st.C**ex hadou,ex tatsu, heavy dp – 420 damage (428 in the corner)

Best high opener reset sequence:

j.D,st.D**f.A**max**st.C**ex hadou,ex tatsu, cr.C** low parry into hop – 390 damage


Barless High midscreen: j.D,st.D**heavy dp – 248 damage

Barless High corner: j.D,st.D**heavy tatsu, light tatsu – 301 damage

Barless low midscreen: cr.B,cr.C**heavy dp – 208 damage

Barless low corner: cr.B,cr.C**heavy tatsu, light tatsu – 261 damage

Frame Data


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