Notable Players

  • USA: TC Pako
  • Japan: Hasumi
  • Taiwan: ET

In action: Check out Hasumi (2P) at the Toushinsai tournament final stages

Guide Contribs: Trulyamiracle (Strategy), Gunsmith (Primer, Flowchart)

Summary:  KoF’s first Nacroleptic character enters the fray with slow pillow projectiles, chun-li air lightning legs, and charge moves that get better the longer you hold them.


Much like many charge projectile characters, Meitenkun is a zoner, and controls the space after he releases his pillow (or cat) aka Makura Nabe.  His weakness is the start up time he takes to throw the pillow.  If he starts charging and doesn’t move, the opponent must jump in and hope to trade.  If he does move and follow the Makura Nabe, then the opponent must try to hop over the pillow and hope he hasn’t pressed a button pre-emptively.

If they haven’t already jumped at this point, it’s too late, Meitenkun is safe.

In a nutshell

  • if Meitenkun has sat down for 3 seconds, jumping into him is suicide.
  • if Meitenkun has the life lead, there is no need to do anything
  • Opponent must force Meitenkun to throw the pillow or bait his reversal, Geki Hou.
  • Meitenkun is vulnerable as he throws the pillow
  • His Geki Hou reversal is not invincible at charge level 1 (1 second) but it is at level 3 and causes a juggle!
  • Did we mention level 3 Sisshou (his lunging punch) is so fast it surprises so many people with a huge hitbox and beats nearly everything and then you can super cancel it??  Try spamming the EX version since it’s generally safe and bait/ mix with level 3/ EX Geki Hou.

    Opponent blocking? Meitenkun has a few tricks to break their guard.
    Opponent blocking? Meitenkun has a few tricks to break their guard.

There is also the run and charge trick that exists for his benefit ^^ – read the strategy tips.

Best Position: Point Mid Anchor

Best Tools: Makura Nabe (aka Pillow)


  • His name means sleep in Chinese (not literally)
  • DLC pillow is called Mittenkun
  • Some anime fans would call his pillow a dakimakura but the cat form is called a dakinyakura
  • a cat pillow is fine too

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Far C and far A are useful against hops, where cr D and Geki Hou are better for full jumps.

Air to air you have j.C, j.D, j.CD and air lightning legs.

Far C is also a solid poke, you can cancel it into specials or f.B, it’s useful to pressure people. His sweep (cr.C) is also cancellable and has nice range.
His CD is suuper good and has crazy range. You can combo it into lvl2/3 lung punch or Climax midscreen. You can also combo it into A fireball for a restand in the corner.


LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch : 6 don’t use as a poke, LK is faster! Chains into fwd LK!!
  • Stand : 5
  • Far : 5 -1 ok anti air
  • Hop : 6 – cancels into Rensenn Kyaku
  • Jump : same

Mash up to three times before comboing into his punch special

When confident, chain into overhead and destroy with Max mode!


LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch : 5f and yes it hits low. Chains.
  • Stand :  5, cancels, links
  • Far : 6 -1 nice move and hits low! This is your mixup tool to use with overhead
  • Hop : 6 hits pretty deep – cancels into Rensenn Kyaku
  • Jump : same



HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch : 7
  • Stand : 8
  • Far : 13 – 6 use after opponent blocks a pillow, also to punish jump ins. Empty special cancels!
  • Hop : 10. There is no hit box behind the pillow!
  • Jump : same

Notes: cr HP empty cancels into fwd LK!!! That means you can employ more high low games


HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch : 9
  • Stand : 5
  • Far : 15
  • Hop : 9. Use this one for jump in combos
  • Jump : same

Crouching HK should be a wonderful juggle move but ehhhh too slow
Standing HK needs more research…


HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand: 17
  • Air: 14f. Crosses up!

It’s a strange attack because it drops him to the ground quickly. The advantage is that you can use this to hide behind your Makura Nage and go for crouching LK. Well, a one trick pony.

Command Normals

f LK – overhead

Unfortunately, if you chain it, it loses overhead property, even if whiff chained 🙁


HCB P “Makura Nage”

  • projectile
  • LP 18f goes forward
  • HP 19f goes upwards
  • EX 15f very fast forwards
  • Super/Climax cancels!

His pillow projectile is the “essence” of his gameplan, A goes forward and C goes upward. Both have slow travel speed, start-up and recovery. It’s input (qcb) helps in that you can always have a lung punch ready once you toss a fireball if you simply hold the B at the end of the input.
Tossing A pillows and running after them is what you’ll mainly try to do, bait stupid stuff like a jump or roll then punish with combo/EX explosion.  If you run ahead of your pillow, try rolling behind the opponent!
His EX fireball is super quick and can be used to kill a lot of zoning attempts, goes forward and knocks down.

As it cancels, it’s now very dangerous to jump against Meitenkun!!!

Meitenkun adds a unique mechanic where his charge specials have 3 levels (the longer you hold it, the higher the level gets) which increases their properties, such as startup speed.

d~u P “Geki Hou[EX]

  • anti
  • lv1 – 7, lv2 – 6, lv3- 5
  • EX 5
  • causes juggle
  • nullifies projectiles

Geki Hou at level 1 is a small beam and not invincible, it will trade or get beat out a lot so i wouldn’t rely on it. At level 3 it has a much bigger hitbox and it’s invincible so you can use that but you obviously won’t have access to that most of the time. You can combo off of level 2 or 3 into ex explosion and you can get it off of level 1 hou if it trades or if you hit them off a cross up attempt (behind you). You can also combo into lung punch or cr.A if they’re hit high enough.

EX version is super good. invincible, has a huge hitbox and pops them for full combo. It’s also practically safe on block coz it recovers quick (-8) and has a lot of pushback so being in MAX mode is gonna make people more grounded and honest.

Geki Hou is -14 but considering the block stun and time it takes to run and attack with their own move, Meitekun is often able to hit anyone attacking with a second Geki Hou, if they blocked the first one at range (especially online haha).

If you hit Geki Hou on an airborne opponent in the corner you can juggle with super (lv 1 or 2)

Run with charge: Meitenkun can run and then hold down-forward to charge!  So from full screen, he’ll be able to charge at least a level two after throwing the pillow.

b~f P “Sen-Siss Hou[EX]

  • Poke
  • 13f either version
  • EX is 14f, causes juggle

His Lunge punch special (Sen-Siss Hou) is good but mainly use it after hit confirms or at max range coz it’s not safe otherwise. You can try to be cute and delay the followup to catch punish attempts but you leave a gap where you can be thrown.
Lvl 2 and 3 go really far and they can combo in places where lvl 1 won’t (eg: after ex Geki Hou midscreen).
You can cancel lunge punch followup into ex explosion, this is my main BnB ender, something like c.B c.A c.B or cl.C f.B into lunge punch>followup xx EX explosion, pretty easy and solid damage.
Lung punch follow-up also cancels projectiles.

air K “Renssen Kyaku” [EX]

  • Poke
  • Can be cancelled from air LP or LK
  • LK 7
  • HK 14, juggles
  • EX 14, juggles

He has air “lightning legs”, very similar to Chun-Li’s in SFV. LK is quicker and doesn’t change his air momentum. HK has a bit of a “pause” before he starts kicking, it also moves him a bit forward even if you do it off a backjump. You can combo into it off of j.A or a Counterhit air CD.

his EX lightning legs has the D version’s “pause” but goes almost fullscreen and you can combo off of it.

(Notes by Gun) Off the floor legs: old skool Kim players will be familiar with this- there is a buffer which retains the input so if you do qcb, hold ub (up-back), watch Meitenkun leave the floor, then press K, Renssen should execute.  You can’t leave it too long, however!  Now work on pressing the button so that MTK is barely off the floor before doing his move.  That’s the key to multiple juggles.


Supers & Climax

His “ranbu” super is mainly used after ground confirms, or you if you want to Climax cancel in a combo.

Explosion super is a small one at lvl1 and it can miss trying to use it in combos or as an anti-air, always go for lvl2 if you have the meter. The damage and bigger hitbox are worth it.

His Climax is good, goes super far but it’s mainly a combo ender and to punish fireballs. Keeps zoning in check if you’re around 3/4s of the screen away.


HCB x2 P “Chou Geki Hou” [Max]

  • Attack
  • Max version is..
  • Hugely vulnerable!


qcf x2 K “Hakuchuu Musou ” [Max]

  • Rush attack


HCBx2 PP “Daimeiten Hou” Climax

  • Doesn’t hit low!
  • Not invincible
  • Use to punish air based projectiles eg: Robert

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Meiten has some crazy combos in the corner, but you can keep it simple and still get beefy damage. Midscreen he has nice corner carry meterless or you can burn meter for EX explosion and get good damage instead.

-cr.B cr.A cr.B Lung punch>follow-up xx EX explosion
-Cl.C f.B lung punch>followup xx EX explosion
-cr.B cr.A f.B xx Ranbu super
-Corner CD xx qcb+A Cl.C f.B

-cr.B cr.A far B MAX …
-Cr.B cr.A f.B MAX …
-Cl.C f.B MAX …
-f.B MAX …

•Midscreen MAX follow up:
-cl.C f.B EX lung punch EX Geki-Hou lvl2 Lung punch>follow-up, cancel into EX explosion for more damage

•Corner MAX follow up:
-Cl.C f.B EX pillow EX lung punch C Geki-Hou EX Geki-Hou A Pillow (C Geki-Hou xx EX Explosion, or Lung punch xx Ranbu Super)

Beginner Combos

  • cr LK > cr LPx2 > b~f P > P xx qcfx2 P
    (Do it like this: b~f P > qcf P x2 to use a buffer)
  • 327

2 bars

  • cr LK cr LPx2 > fwd LK > MM > HP > fwd LK > qcf 2 KK
  • 412 damage


Advanced: overhead into Sen-Siss Hou.

First thing to learn is to combo the overhead into Sen-Siss Hou.  There is no actual shortcut 🙁

However, there really is enough time during the overhead to charge for Sen-Siss Hou.

As soon as you press fwd LK, press back to charge and don’t even wait for a visual confirm.  The common mistake is that many players input back + LK. As long as you input Fwd + LK, it will execute – as long as it’s not too fast.

You don’t need a visual confirm, it’ll definitely come out, but there must a tiny gap between HP and fwd LK.  The key input display can help show you if you are too fast or too slow, it’s not accurate to the millisecond, use it as a rough guide – as it is possible to do the overhead with the inputs as shown.

Visually, Meitenkun will fall on his back and overhead kick the opponent, as his foot hits, this is your visual cue to press fwd +P.

Why isn’t it working? If you look at your inputs, a common problem is that players input back and LK rather than fwd because they are rushing to charge. Then, if you can see Meitenkun is pulling back his leg after the hit, it’s too late to cancel.  You could use the flash of the hit as another visual cue to press fwd + P.

Here is the combo done twice, to show the leniency for the timing.

Tip: If you use the Macro Button LPHP every time you go for Sen-Siss Hou, it makes it easier for the maxmode combo.  Remember there is no difference between LP and HP Senn-Siss Hou.


MTK can bypass into EX Geki Hou


cr LK > cr LP > d~u LK+LP+HP

Comboing pillow into lv 1 super

it can be done midscreen in fact, but you need a little delay after the first Sishou hit


Note: most combos use one crouching LP or HP because more than one LP or using HK means you have less range.  Damage > range < chance to drop the combo

0 bar/ crouching

  • cr LK > cr LP > cr LK > b~f P, P 
  • 155

0 bar/ standing

  • HK > fwd LK > b~f P, P

after CD

  • qcb LP > cr LP > cr LK > b~f P, P
  • 257

1 bar/ anywhere/ any position

  • cr LK cr LP > fwd LK > MM > HK > fwd LK > b ~ f PP > d~u PP > b~f P, P
  • 395~404 damage (L3 hits more damage)

1 bar/ midscreen/ any position

  • cr LK cr LP > fwd LK > MM > HK > fwd LK > b ~ f PP > d~u PP > d~u P > b~f LP > P
  • 454 damage (446 with HP)

1 bar/ corner/ any position

  • cr LK cr LP > fwd LK > MM > HK > fwd LK > b ~ f PP > d~u P > d~u PP > qcb LP > b~f LP > P
  • 470? damage 


You can’t do more than one crouching LP because it will push you back, so you need to be able to visually confirm after the first hit :/

HK is more damaging than HP… But if dropped, there is more danger because of the wonky far HK.


1 bar/ corner / 2nd or 3rd position

  • cr LK cr LP > fwd LK > MM > HP > fwd LK > b ~ f PP > d~u PP > b~f LP > d~u P
  • 430 damage

1 bar/ corner/ anchor

  • cr LK cr LP > fwd LK > MM > HK > fwd LK > qcb PP > b ~ f PP > d~u P > d~u PP > qcb LP > b~f LP > P
  • 499+ damage 

1 bar / corner / anchor

Meitenkun may well have the most damaging 1 bar combo in the game.  This is of course, corner only and on 3rd position.


2 bars / corner  / any position

  • cr LK cr LP > fwd LK > MM > HP > fwd LK > b ~ f PP > d~u PP > b~f LP > d~u P xx qcfx2 P
  • 513
  • do qcf uf P qcf P to get the last two hits (or just cancel it normally if you’re a badman)


2 bars/ anywhere/ anchor

  • cr LK > cr LP > fwd LK > MM > HK > fwd LK > b ~ f PP >  d~u PP > b~f LP > P xx qcf2 P
  • 564+ damage 

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By Truly a Miracle

His gameplan is pretty simple, control space with his projectiles and get people to respect them.
They’re very good as they recover pretty quickly, move slowly so you can use them as aid in your pressure, and they also have a wide hitbox so hopping over them is not easy.

I think he’s really threatening with meter for his ex explosion super. Anchor or second is ideal for him.
One of my main tactics is throwing a lot of pillows so people will jump at me and then do EX explosion. Easy money right there.

The thing is with Meiten, he doesn’t have a straight up “Dp”, his anti-airs are not so straight forward. Most people know that and try to jump over your projectiles as soon as they see them. you gotta learn the ranges of people’s approaches to keep them out and to stop them from simply jumping over it. This however, can work in your favor if you have meter.

EX explosion is the go-to if you have the bar. Most rewarding option and will get them to stop jumping usually.
The other anti-air options are far C, crouch D, far A and Geki Hou (d~u+P).
Far C and far A are useful against hops, where cr D and Geki Hou are better for full jumps.

Air to air you have j.C, j.D, j.CD and air lightning legs.


-Learn how to charge lung punch for combos that have f.B right before, it takes time to get used to but it’s very doable and useful to maximize damage.

-For f+B into lung punch combos, you can do the f+B input early and it’ll still come out. You basically do the f+B as soon as you press Cl.C and immediately hold back, you’ll have enough charge to get the move out by the end of f+B’s animation. Takes some practice but it’s very doable.

-another method that i use to combo into EX lung punch without f.B is doing Cl.C f.B (hold back as soon as you do the f.B input) MAX Cl.C EX lung punch. If you do it quick enough, you can combo into Cl.C after MAX cancelling and have the charge go into Lung punch. In this version the hard part is connecting the MAX cancel into Cl.C quick enough. Pick your poison with either method.

-his far B is a low and has nice range,  it can catch people off guard as it’s a far standing low. Useful at the end of MAX confirms coz of it’s range and it helps as you can start charging for Lung punch during it.

-You can cancel after your strings, blowback or far C into A pillow projectile to continue your offense but keep in mind that there’s a gap (smaller off of CD) where people can jump over it or straight up interrupt you, but you can mix in C fireball to keep people honest. Also remember that you can whiff cancel pillows into ex explosion if you think they’ll do something stupid. It’s a big window, especially if you buffer the super.

-You can charge for Geki-Hou while running by doing f,df then use it by simply doing u+P. Very useful if you’re in MAX mode, especially if you have a fireball covering you.

-For lvl2 Lung punch after EX Geki Hou midscreen, you need to be charging it’s input while doing the EX Geki Hou. Basically the input will be : EX lung punch hits > (charge for Geki by holding db) then do the EX Geki Hou by inputting ub+AC. This way you do Geki Hou while keeping the back charge for lvl 2/3 Lung punch.

-After his explosion super, regular or EX, If you don’t press a button Meiten will go to sleep till you get hit or press a button. Totally worthless but it’s a funny touch.

-Meiten will also go to sleep if you stay idle for a long time.

-f.B is an overhead if it’s done raw, you can MAX cancel out of it into a full combo.

Tactics by Gunsmith

Meitenkun, much like Kensou, has a huge start up to activate his pillow (Makura Nage) (LP 18/ HP 19/ EX 15f) but the recovery is 1/1/0!  So once the pillow is active, the opponent should not be able to touch him; the match should be in his favour – Meitenkun controls the flow of the match.  The opponent needs to hit Meitenkun before the pillow is released.  It is in this state that you need to be away from any jump ins, if not, get out, or bait opponent into jumping into your Geki Hou or upwards Makura Nage.

Maxmode mixup on BLOCK

  • cr LK cr LP stand LK maxmode
  • cr LK cr LP fwd LK maxmode
  • cr LK pause fwd LK maxmode (hits crouching)
  • cr LK cr LP cr HP hcb LP
  • cr LK cr LP cr LP  cr HP (whiff) fwd LK maxmode (not an overhead but eh it has range)
  • cr LK cr LP pause standing far LK maxmode (hits standing)

Makura Nage Follow ups

  • opponent standing > cr HP or blowback
    • if they roll past the blowback you can combo them with cr LP
    • if the blowback hits, you could combo with cr LP or just hit them
  • opponent jumps over pillow from far > far HP
  • Gain ground while charging > far HK
  • opponent blocks standing > far LK
  • opponent jumps over pillow > jump HP
  • opponent blocks midscreen > roll and crosssup
  • opponent blocks crouching > fwd LK
    • This one is fairly obvious so work hard to use the others to condition the opponent!  Against a quick opponent, you may want to look at using Max Mode as a setup not a combo.
    • your other option is to hop over them with LK as it crosses up!
    • empty jump crouching LK combo can work great too!
  • opponent is far > Sen Siss Hou
    • 1st hit is -7, 2nd is -14 so while the 1st hit can be fairly safe at range, you can hit overly eager opponents with the 2nd hit, especially as it can be delayed a little.
  • opponent blocks far > jump CD > cr HP
    • This is a visual bait (Thx Alioune). The CD leaves MTK wide open but the Makura is still in front, if opponent still blocks, hit them with cr HP and start your attack pattern.
  • full screen,  after upwards Makura Nage which opponent doesn’t jump into > Sen-Siss Hou

Attack Patterns

cr HP > qcb LP > CD > qcb LP > hop LK > cr HP….

  • if they roll past the pillow, they are DEAD

Scary EX mode

Press with air legs, then arm up EX Geki Hou which is 5f and doesn’t need a further charge. Use it to interrupt heavy attack patterns or anything coming in your direction.

Crazy stuff

Level 3 Geki Hou is 5f meaning it’ll beat most attacks and trade with the best so when you know the timing you can do crazy stuff like jump in CD, pause, Geki Hou to kill anything that moves, plus you get a juggle afterwards….

Sen-siss Hou is very fast and hard to see coming, noting that run has recovery, opponents must be careful how they approach!  Especially online with a little lag, Meitenkun can explode with this move and if they started running, the opponent will get hit more often than not.  If they block, toy further with the follow up, or do nothing at all and let them jump into your Geki Hou.


One trick ponies

Throw with HP into the corner > wait for them to nearly be stood up > cr HP whiff > fwd LK into combo!

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