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  • Character
  • Online or Offline
  • Game Mode
  • For Netcode:
    • Nat type
    • Connection Speed
    • Wired or Wireless

We had 34 comment submissions for version 1.01-02 and we have now deleted them for a clean start for v1.05. 

Here are the issues:

  1. Please improve the tracking. Characters still crossup and then don’t crossup, or a character turns around and then turns around again.
  2. Please consider shortening rolls. This would make older fans happier and weaken fireball play (or is this related to tracking?)
  3. Please make lobby spectators automatically watch the next match without having to press a button.
  4. Enable party mode inside normal lobbies.
  5. Enable “kick asap” for players locked in a match
  6. Character balance…

MAX MODE – the mode is cool but it gives certain characters an unfair advantage

  1. Reduce Max Mode running speed.  This will kill off the far range hit combo gameplay and leave max mode as only a close range combo tool.
  2. OR – Make only certain moves (eg: ones that can cancel) able to activate into Maxmode
  3. OR – just nerf Robert and K’ far B hit box?

Look at the public opinion on this:

Best way to fix Max Mode

View Results


While some fans voted they would pay for anything, it’s probably best not to release  character DLC at a price. However, players are prepared to pay for skins, stages, soundtracks and colors.

Which DLC do you want? (Pick two)

View Results

While people would love to see the top voted characters for DLC, it’s probably best to keep them for kofxv.

If SNK would like to add more characters, it seems a good idea to add EX characters, as it would require less development time. We can only hope they are not over powered. If these are free characters with different moves, there won’t be an argument about their value.


Previous Patch Issues below

Patch 1.02

Known Issues

This list has now been sent to SNK. A new one will be created after the October patch.

With the input of top players around the world such as KaneBlueRiver, Atma, Haregoro, Myu, Dune, Koukou, Alioune, Vryu, Violent Kain and Gillstolemyride, we have some suggestions.

We consulted these players here and on social networks for their ideas and opinions.  Some contributed, some didn’t, some supported one or two while some supported none!

Thanks for consultation or contribution: Justi-quickening, Koga, SoleChris, Vicio, Cristina, Johan, Jordan Del Rosario, MichelS, Chaka_, Vokkan, DC.Kane317, Tortita, trph, SamuraiPizzaKen, MacVillain, Ivan, Katy Parry, L4rLoR, Blackquill , il3, gatoray, Predictabowl, Orin, Ariel Sakazaki & more

Character Buff/Nerfs are in the comments list, this section is just for system issues.  Thanks to you guys too!

Note: these are suggestions and we certainly don’t want all of them at the same time.

The Casual Game

As a casual game, there is no need to change anything. The netcode (except the problems with finding/ joining rooms) is good, so congratulations! The game is fun!

Higher Level

Many tournament players don’t like the way opponents can roll away from rushdown and how projectile gameplay is very strong, where many characters have great difficulty to approach due to fireball hitbox. However, many didn’t request a change.

Requests for Fixes/Adjustments

Majority of FGC Support these:

  • Config bug
    • In case people were unaware: To avoid button config problems in XIV the first user logged into must be P1/Left Side (thx Atma)
  • Can’t join/find rooms
    • This is a PSN / NAT problem.
    • Players appear in rooms for a few seconds and then get “could not get enough information” error message.
    • Any improvements possible please?
  • Strange character tracking causing strange cross up [ sample ]
    • Players would like this adjusted for a consistent experience although it could be kept to make the game more ‘interesting’ (but messy)
    • Sole Chris’s example and here
    • you can see tournament sample here 1:55:13  Koopa vs Kusanagi
  • Random select: In game, replaying match or choosing order select, game doesn’t select new random characters
  • Online Profile doesn’t include Random Stage
  • Lobby Series should be limited to FT3/5/10 because they never see who else who is in the room!
  • Bug (?):  Randomly can’t spectate matches when already in room
    • if you don’t press X after the end of the win screen you’ll miss the next match you’re spectating
  • Punish ragequitters
    • SNK is working on this
  • Angel’s stand D randomly passes through opponent and crosses up
  • Bug: Player is throw invulnerable after recovery roll if you hold neutral.
  • Please remove throw invincibility during normal rolls completely
  • Ranks stuck at level 33?
    • is this on purpose? :3

Medium support

  • Nakoruru too strong
    • Remove invincibility on bird cling?
    • Prevent Mamahaha overuse with additional stamina bar?
  • Rolls and blowback don’t have same buffer as normals and specials! Inconsistent experience.
  • Blowback hit boxes vary and miss
    • Inconsistent but has also always been the case? example from Atma
  • Proximity detection: Sometimes you’re sure visually that you’re close enough to get a close normal but the game gives you a far normal, and the other way around. That’s why MM has to usually go into a crouching C, to make sure you’ll have a cancellable move.
  • Ranked: “set region” option missing
  • Rolls too long
    • some want to shorten
    • Some feel it’s a new game, just have to deal with it
    • players arguably can’t get a real punish with the current range
  • Max mode too damaging and too frequent.  Could you please consider the following ideas?
    • enable max mode only from only normals that cancel to specials
    • Slower meter fill
    • lower damage output
    • Cost of special cancel at half a bar
    • max mode activation from a normal move cancel costs one bar (so it’s 2 minimum)
    • Reduce damage of lv1 super damage
    • level 2 super costs 2 bars, and 1 bar EX mode combo can end with free level 1 super
    • Automatically limit use of same EX move during Max mode

Limited support or no input or hotly debated

  • Getting OCV is soul crushing for beginners, game is not fun, turns players away from KOF14
    • Disable extra energy bonus  for player in the lead?
    • Enable bar bonus only for last character on losing side?
    • …or just disable completely?
  • Can’t really punish fireball characters
    • make recovery a bit longer?
    • reduce hitbox as many characters can’t even hop fireballs?
    • Reduce length of rolls?
  • Room search: Show all rooms even if private or full or can’t connect, to show players KOFXIV has online activity!
  • Room search: is it possible to put all players on wait setting and then auto select the host? Many people create a room for 5 minutes then quit.
  • A+D macro to hop to help pad players
  • A+D / bk + A/D replaces fwd/bk + C/D to throw
    • No more throw mistakes!
  • Rush combos have too much recovery
    • add more push back on block and less recovery on first two/three hits.
  • “Abusable” Backdash!
    • It’s airborne on frame 1 – remove this or lower the hurt box on at least frames 1-3, as it’s currently very high up and hard to catch
  • Kara grabs and rolls will be removed if moving tracker is fixed.
  • Rush mode: give access to lv2 or / and climax for more fun
  • The shortcuts to circumvent the current input overlaps are actually longer than the input they are supposed to substitute.
  • Guard Cancel Blowback could be more vulnerable (currently around -9 frames)
    • characters such as k’ can just punish with far B into max… Unless it’s intentional…
  • Ranked mode: network gauge fluctuates wildly for same opponent
  • Lobby: give host option to have total control over room type
  • Training mode available while waiting in party mode or others
  • Lobby: needs a “kick as soon as match is finished” option
  • Room should pass on hosting to someone in room rather than closing
  • Lobby queue in for party mode doesn’t kick someone out of the party.
    • 1st in queue should replace the first person to join (apart from host)
  • Dummy not responding to quick recovery [ sample ]
  • Practice Mode: Block and recovery actions like in sf5, reversal jab/dp is just awesome to test strings.
  • Buff nerf character x
    • Please see comments below
  • More characters pls
    • Calm down mate, you got 50 already, have you even tried them all yet?
  • Ryo: dp xx Haoshoken lv 2 = why so hard?
    • The solution:fwd bkqcbd ddfHP fwdPP.
    • Players should please check other buffer and shortcut tech.

Other ideas and why we don’t recommend them but still are here for consideration.

  • Max mode can’t use lv1 super for free
    • No change please. Game balance issue – if characters could add a level one super to an EX combo for free they would conserve stocks and too many stocks means too much power.
    • However, using an extra bar for a level one super is a different idea covered in another point.
  • Remove character specific combos and situations
    • Make everything equal?
    • No more Chang only combos?
  • Max mode too difficult to combo from LK or LP.
    • Solution: get gud
  • Increase requirement for max mode to 2 bars with Level 2 super available ONLY in max mode
    • That would mean characters would not be able to use level 2 supers as anti airs etc while their level 1 super isn’t good enough. E.g. Hein.
    • At the same time it would stop characters such as Nakoruru totally destroying you with their level 2 anti airs.
  • Increase recovery from whiffed air attacks.
    • This would make low profile crouching B attacks much stronger in gameplay.
    • prevents characters doing early jump attacks into land + grab plays


As a tournament game, considering the game’s longevity and growth through the fgc, we have some ideas that might help.

KOF traditionally is a rush down game where getting close to your opponent is rewarded. KOF14 rewards players for confirming a mid screen attack (with relatively little risk) that hits a whiff and gets 400/500 damage. The game also favors projectile zoning. It’s easy to roll away and reset conditions. It favors defensive play. If this is intentional, so be it.

Otherwise, we would like character tracking to be consistent and/or rolls to be shorter. Fireball gameplay could also be weakened by shrinking hitbox of projectiles so all characters can hop over.


Some of us also believe the game needs to have more fun, visual impact to maintain greater player base and stream viewership.

This would require a more drastic change, and perhaps it would be better to do much later, or next year or even in KOF 15.  A beta test would be great!

The idea is that max mode usage should be less frequent, so our suggestion is to enable max mode from normals that special cancel only.  There are other suggestions above.

You can also  read Atma’s very very long and detailed breakdown on the game here.


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