Andy Guide KOFXIV



Andy Bogard




Best Position: Point Mid Anchor

Best Tools:

  • Crouch LK
  • EX Hishoken







LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch : cancels
  • Stand :
  • Far : ok
  • Hop : ok
  • Jump : same



LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch : great, cancels, self chains for easy confirms
  • Stand : chains into HK (target combo)
  • Far : ok
  • Hop : good for air to air
  • Jump : same



HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch : cancels, empty cancels
  • Stand : 2 hit
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch : can low profile under projectiles
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop : Good
  • Jump : same



HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand:
  • Air:


Command Normals

fwd LP “Hirate Uchi”

  • Invincible at start up!

Jump dwn HK “Genei Shiranui

  • changes the arc of Andy’s jump
  • Does not work with hop

Notes: This bizarre move has Andy seemingly roll up even more into a ball and… do nothing.  But in fact it changes the arc of Andy’s jump so that he stops advancing in the air.  This is used to bait anti airs.  For example at mid screen, if Robert throws a fireball and Andy jumps towards him, Robert can dp Andy as he falls.  However, if Andy executes his Genei Shiranui, his jumping arc will fall short and Robert will dp into thin air.

The only problem with this move is the audio cue and the fact that Andy needs to do this move quite early to change his path – if the opponent hears this, it’s rendered useless.  The move is certainly as vulnerable as any jump.  Probably best used online with opponents who anticipate rather than react!



DP P “Shouryuu Dan[EX]

  • Anti
  • No invincible frames on LP or HP versions
  • Slow
  • super cancels
  • EX is slow!



?db~fwdZen-ei Ken[EX]

  • Poke
  • The famous elbow
  • combos from cr LPx2
  • quite vulnerable in fact
  • EX is Super fast, can hit crumples from half screen or more



?QCB“Hisho Ken” [EX]

  • projectile
  • Causes juggle
  • EX is slow and causes multiple hits, great for mixups

Notes: use the EX and roll just as it hits… try to make which side you will stand as ambiguous as possible

hcfK “Kuuha Dan”

  • His handstand double footed flying arc drop kick
  • can crossup
  • can go over projectiles
  • has decent push back!
  • super cancels
  • Break with KK on first hit, blocked or hit
  • Can be anti aired between blocked hits


Supers & Climax

QCFHCBP “Zetsu Hishou Ken” [Max]

  • Super Fireball


QCBHCF?K “Chou Reppa Dan” [Max]

  • Flaming drop kick


QCBHCF PP “Chou Shin Soku Zan-ei Ken” Climax

  • Super fast attack – can punish any move with more than -3 recovery
  • Air ok
  • Not invincible, not to be used as reversal
  • Used best to catch opponents trying to jump away or over or roll past or even as hit by a hishoken


Best Combos






After many iterations, Andy feels lighter, zippier, a lean ninjitsu machine.  He’s very strong.

His crouching LK is one of the reasons he’s so top.  You can hit mash 3 crouching hits and by this time anyone should be able to confirm into a special or max mode.

Like most zoners, Andy can throw projectiles all day and has similar back and front blocking traps, like Athena, and he uses his Zen-ei Ken elbow to keep the opponent pinned down.  Follow up fireballs with far HP before moving in with hop HK.

  • Use EX hishoken with elbow to mix up in front or behind
  • Crouch LK for easy confirms into elbow
  • Climax has 3f startup. If Hishoken hits, Climax will too.

Watch ET use Andy and then head to the tutorial



Notes sir.

Frame Data

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