Sushi in Paris: Foujita #1

In a nutshell: high quality at a high expense, with some sushi you won’t get elsewhere.

If like me you like to research the internet, you may come across lots of arguments and marketing on trip advisor but you’ll also find this resto mentioned on Cecj and has some recommendations on Chowhound.

However, times change.

And who knows, things may have already changed since I went.

I visited, as per photo of receipt, 22nd October 2013.

Some of the comments that got my attention revolved around ‘items off the menu that you had to ask for’, ‘poor service recently’ and ‘indians cutting up the fish’.

I did ask if there was any fish that was not on the menu, only to be told there was only a seafood salad.  The way that the manager looked so dead pan with every answer made me wonder, however…

The Japanese manager struck me as a little odd.  I tried to speak Japanese but he kept answering in French, and with a high level, I might add.  There were a sprinkling of Japanese people coming in and out for a chat, so I was fairly sure I didn’t mistake his nationality.  He had two gaijin chefs working for him, and they were both nice and smiling.  There was a Japanese waiter/cook who took part of our order.  Service was average, a little stoic, but helpful enough, most of the animation coming from the Indian chef.  Note we were the first customers at 7pm, so it’s not like we had to deal with a queue or the supposed ‘glaring at you to leave so they can serve more customers’ attitude…

For me, if the restaurant has employees who are trained by a sushi chef, it still retains its authenticity, even though this may be too much for some, no doubt scarred by their visits to fake Japanese restaurants with low grade fish.  I have been to expensive restaurants in London where sushi was served by Indians, Russians and many more; in the end, it was the quality of fish that mattered.

Let’s get straight down to the fish.

O-toro is on the menu but not in stock.

Unagi is on the menu but some reason they served us Anagi aburi – which is the jet charred style!  This was a pleasant surprise, as I haven’t (so far) seen this anywhere else in Paris, yet it’s still confusing – the (French) menu is not clear, again with the “crevettes” I was asked to precise for ama ebi (sweet shrimp) or prawns (I guess).  Luckily I love ama ebi, so that was no problem.

Uni:  Very strange. Luffy would like this because it has a distinct perfume of Rose.  Why, I have no idea, perhaps in these waters that’s what they taste like, which is nothing like the Uni we had from Japan and even Los Angeles.

They also served scallops sushi. My partner was very happy with this but noted that the salmon sashimi was cut larger than she was used to (Tokyo).  Gaijin portions? At least there was a lot of it.

All of the sushi served was of excellent quality.  I also noted with interest that the tuna sushi tasted so much better with the vineagared rice (doh) compared to my natto dish, which I ordered because I wanted a natto tekkadon (Rice with tuna sashimi on top with a dose of natto) and had to order an extra bowl of rice.  I won’t be doing that again.

Check out the photos then see our final scores.

Note, these scores will change as we compare to a standard.

The best sushi we had in Paris so far was at Takara, the worst was some local Asian take away, and the median was at Kintaro, so that’s how we judge.

Note, the best sushi we ever was had at Daiwa Sushi at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo.

Check back later for revisions.

MENU: 8/10

This is more or less a sushi restaurant, don’t expect anything else.  However, some great items not to be found elsewhere such as the charred eel and scallops.

SUSHI: 9/10

It’s fresh, it’s flavourful, it’s bloody expensive.  The maguro (tuna) was so good (such a dark red and almost fatty) I was scared of being served otoro from the same fish.


I get that strange feeling that I’m a stranger and I’m going to have to prove my loyalty through patronising the restaurant in order to get affection.

VALUE: 7/10

Not a place for a quick bite to eat, but this is top tier sushi.  Price of sushi is per piece!!!! OH MY GOD!!

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