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Summer Project 06

   Fan fiction   August 20, 2018  No Comments

  Chapter 06 He placed his hand under Mai’s chin and raised it up so they could look eye to eye. She glared at him, determined. “Pretty, so pretty, but violence against women is a big no no, unless it’s, wait, has that changed today? Let’s see.”

Summer Project 05

   Fan fiction   August 20, 2018  No Comments

  Chapter 5 As his fist came crashing down, the satisfaction oozed out of his pores, like sin. Sorry bud, I hate to do this to ya, but you gotta learn. He threw a thunderous right hand uppercut, smashing into the opponent’s jaw, but before she could even reel backwards…

Summer Project 04

   Fan fiction   August 20, 2018  No Comments

Chapter 4 Some of the younger audience started cheering. Geese grinned. This was going to be easy… ‘As you probably understand better than anyone else here,’ said Mary, folding her arms, ‘these people are making money from stolen goods’ ‘Money?’ It was clear that thoughts were suddenly running through his…

Summer Project 03

Chapter 3 Mai came to her senses, but pretended to still be unconscious as she tried to gauge the situation. She could hear breathing, at least two maybe three people. She was bound to a chair, wrists tied together, ankles to each chair leg. The air was dusty. There was…

Summer project 02

   Fan fiction   August 20, 2018  No Comments

Chapter 2 I realised then he was waiting for a response. I just wanted this to be over. What was the point in an evaluation when the biggest problem was the fucking manager couldn’t manage the fucking department.

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