Summer Project 03

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Chapter 3

Mai came to her senses, but pretended to still be unconscious as she tried to gauge the situation. She could hear breathing, at least two maybe three people. She was bound to a chair, wrists tied together, ankles to each chair leg. The air was dusty. There was damp. It was dark. This was bad. She opened one eye ever so slowly. She could make out Andy and Joe in the same situation, tied to chairs. They were arranged in a circle so they could see each other. Then she heard the footsteps. A man in a black t-shirt and trousers, holding a large knife, started walking around the circle, randomly kicking something, or someone. She hoped it was Ryuji Yamazaki, because he was predictable, and quite stupid.

“Wake up. I have a lot of things to do today.”

He spoke slowly, lazily, but with a rising and falling menace, there’s the underlying tone of a vicious rattlesnake about to strike.

He kicked Andy in the shin, who jolted up in pain.

“I suppose you’re wondering how badly I’m going to torture you, and how you’re going to endure it. Or maybe, just put up with some boring speech, huh? What you’re thinking is that… at the most, nobody is going to die, and maybe somebody will get a slashed cheek at worst, right? I’m reading your mind right now, right? What’s my fucking name?”

He pointed his tanto at Andy. He wasn’t in particularly good mood today, he had been scolded the night before by his boss for not collecting enough, and then he checked for the last time and there was no invite to the Athena chat show thing. He had planned to steal an invite from one of these douchebags, but then he noticed the small print that said ‘proof of identity required for entry’, and that just pissed him right off. He slashed the knife through the air in front of Andy’s nose. “Shaaa! Sha, sha, shaaa!!!”

The blade shimmered as much as it could, reflecting the dirty light from the single bulb that hang from the mouldy ceiling in this abandoned basement in some disused factory in the industrial sector, in downtrodden South Town. It’s not like he’d use his bedroom for this, not that it was much different. Rent these days. Fucking bullshit.

“Oh yeah, you can’t speak, there’s a gag in your mouth, how stupid of me. Waitaminute, did you just call me stupid? You didn’t call me stupid, did you? That would be stupid, I’m the one with the knife, and I might lash out, you know?” He turned sharply to Joe and leaned in close to his face ”’Coz I’m a crazy motherfucker!”

His breath stank, of course it did, of alcohol and putrid fish, but nobody really wanted to mention that.

“Gee,” he said, “I guess I should have laughed, you know, lean back with hands out to the side, all shaking and shit, like, to add to the craziness, right? Like some crazy yakuza archetype? Right? That’s a fucking stereotype, ain’t it. I’m not a fucking stereotype. What’s my name? It’s Ryuji Yamazaki, bitch, and one of you is going to die.”

“I’ll never get away with it, yes? That’s what you’d be saying if I took off the gag, but really, what you’re thinking is, he’ll just threaten us for half an hour and not even get to slash anyone, because I’ll probably be mid speech explaining my whole plan like the typical comic book villain, when the hero bursts in through the window to save you. Right?”

Andy and Mai glanced at each other. That was pretty much the idea.

“Ain’t it strange? Oh I guess I should focus on making everyone nervous by touching the woman now”

He placed his hand under Mai’s chin and raised it up so they could look eye to eye. She glared at him, determined.

This is a work of fan fiction. It’s assumed the reader knows the main characters of the King of Fighters series, so there’ll be none of those overlong introductions and descriptions.

This work is not to be reprinted, reposted, sold, copied, or stored anywhere but here on Please share a link to this page so I can get 0.0001 cents from ad revenue lol. Characters are copyright SNK, I will apply for licence if this ever gets popular (as if).

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