Summer Project 05

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Chapter 5

As his fist came crashing down, the satisfaction oozed out of his pores, like sin.

Sorry bud, I hate to do this to ya, but you gotta learn.

He threw a thunderous right hand uppercut, smashing into the opponent’s jaw, but before she could even reel backwards from the impact, he quarter circled the stick, retracted his right, simultaneously unleashing his left fist upwards, confidently slapping the button, eyes shining, his body swaying, then launching into the air as his fist burst into flames, propelling the two bodies into the night, spinning, engulfed in fires. As Shiva’s body went limp, his flickered a flash of light, as he cancelled his recovery into Hissatsu Shin Koh Ken, summoning purple flames from inside and shooting them from his palms downwards into the carcass that had even yet to land. The screen faded to white.

Bloody K.O.! The announcer was mildly excited but, not so much, as if knockouts were expected, needed, but… nothing to lose your wits over. The beast should not be provoked. Ladies and gentlemen, your applause, please, jumping up and down is encouraged, as long as it doesn’t disturb the person beside you.

As the ranking summary appeared, John didn’t bother to look at the points he had gained, squashing some noob wouldn’t have made any difference. He recalled the days when he was a low ranker, and how many points he would take off a high one. It was hilarious. And then they would run when they saw him challenge. Ridiculous. The problem was different now, accepting challenges was fine and all; It’s not like he wanted to dissuade new players, especially if they were young, but the fact was his playing time was limited. He needed to be chasing the big fish or he wouldn’t personally make any progress. And then he had to stop early, because the adrenalin kept him awake, and that would just suck for the following day at the office.

And then there were the distractions. The occasional face would pop up in his head. Sometimes his wife, sometimes his boss, his kids, his bank account (which had the face of an empty wallet). Or just a voice. Or just an anxiety. Had he missed a message? Should he ask for a transfer? Was it so bad to masturbate to an incest video when you knew the actors were in no way related and you are definitely not into incest but just like the actors, no, not the guy, the girl, I mean, legally aged woman, and the guy was quite good, in that he was reliable to have an erection, and roger their on-screen partner properly, unlike certain people…. And so forth.

Recently he had been getting random shivers as he randomly relived a moment where he had made a comment about breasts being baby food, and how the room had fallen deathly silent. The stares, the stares. And then they just looked away, stared into their cups of tea. He wasn’t sure what was worse: the embarrassment or the oppressive atmosphere that followed whenever he went to the coffee machine during break. Either it was about to piss down with rain or someone was about to kill him. Hopefully this temperate would dissipate before the weekend, but it was the same as it had been at school, someone would hold it against him, and he could never tell who it was. He could just feel tension from everyone, everywhere he walked, and it was just frustrating. He had gone bald quite early.

One of the reasons he loved video games was completing a challenge, defeating monsters or burning zombies or repelling aliens or stealing treasure but what he really enjoyed, while others revelled in gunning each other down or randomly running over civilians, was punching people in the face. It was much easier than talking. It was a direct communication of fuck you. He especially loved the hyper realistic movements, where he could jump three times his height, and use various elements such as electricity or ice, to shock the opponent into submission, or just to give that extra little shine to a good old slap to the face. Sure, it didn’t accomplish or change anything in real life, but it damn well felt good.

This is a work of fan fiction. It’s assumed the reader knows the main characters of the King of Fighters series, so there’ll be none of those overlong introductions and descriptions.

This work is not to be reprinted, reposted, sold, copied, or stored anywhere but here on Please share a link to this page so I can get 0.0001 cents from ad revenue lol. Characters are copyright SNK, I will apply for licence if this ever gets popular (as if).

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