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Summer Project 06

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Chapter 06

He placed his hand under Mai’s chin and raised it up so they could look eye to eye. She glared at him, determined.

“Pretty, so pretty, but violence against women is a big no no, unless it’s, wait, has that changed today? Let’s see.”

He stepped back, and then booted her full in the face, knocking her, and the chair, over to the ground.

Andy and Joe made the obligatory muffled noises, presumably threats and vows of revenge. Ryuji grinned. He walked over and crouched over her, examining her wincing face. He looked up back at Andy.

“We’ve all got equal rights now, right? But rest assured, even though she’s wearing this skimpy ass kunoichi shit in the middle of winter,” he said, starting to wave his knife around, “we all got fans to please, and expectations to satisfy, right? Nobody rapes the main heroine, isn’t that right?”

Their eyes widening, Andy and Joe were now really starting to hope Terry had miraculously got a tip from some homeless guy and was on his way. This scenario was really looking more ominous than anything they had every faced.

Ryuji put his blade onto the floor (it’s not like he’d jab it into the floorboards, only an idiot would dull their tools like that), and while looking at Joe, slowly reached out his hands towards the half conscious woman on the floor.

“Hey Joe, you’ve always wanted to touch these, right? Maybe, if you were really sick, you could just imagine that you were me, as I do this-”

Ryuji reached out and grabbed her by the shoulders and started laughing, as Mai, Joe and Andy started furiously struggling in their chairs.

“But you know, and all the fans know, I’m not that kind of guy” He pulled Mai towards him, and raised the chair back up, then walking behind, rotated it, so Mai was directly facing Joe. He picked up his knife and examined the blade, holding it up to the light, mesmerised by the glint in the honed edge.

“The fans would be disgusted, they’d complain, jump up and down, send letters- how can the bad guy, but not really bad guy, do such a horrible thing? That’s not his character! And they’d be right, that’s not my character-”

He rammed the knife down hard into her shoulder, much to the horror of everyone watching. Mai screamed, as much as you could with a gag in your mouth.

“Oh shit,” he said in a badly acted panic “should I leave the knife in or out? Maybe that hit a nerve, or a vein. Dramatic. Well, live or die, let’s hear from contestant number one!”

Ryuji swaggered over behind Andy and untied the gag.

“I’ll kill you, you piece of shit!” of course was the first words that came out of Andy’s raw mouth. Ryuji retied the gag. “Ah, I’m afraid we cannot accept that answer! We all know main hero characters won’t kill anyone, even if you promise! Sad, but let’s move on to the next contestant!”

He loosened Joe’s gag and listened for a response but the hardened kickboxer, wearing his trademark shorts with not so often featured white hoodie, with his eyes on the blood that started to flow from Mai’s wound, had gone silent.

“What’s that? Sorry but there is a time limit… tick tock tick tock” Ryuji put his hand to his ear, listening.

Joe looked to the floor. His lips moved but the sound was inaudible. Ryuji moved closer: “What? Whassat?”

Joe mumbled again. He leaned back and sighed. He looked deeply troubled.

“Time’s running out, this is your last chance!” Ryuji put his ear close to Joe’s mouth, and that’s what Joe was waiting for, opening his mouth and biting down hard on Ryuji’s ear.

What the fuck? Thought Andy, he’s gonna get himself killed! Stop it, Joe! STOP!

Ryuji tried to think of where to stab Joe first to get this pest off his ear but the pain really was getting intense, so he figured he’d just stab him in the teeth. Just before striking, Joe pulled away his head to the side, and Ryuji let out a very surprised yelp of pain. Joe was grinning; to proudly show the cartilage held in his jaws. Ryuji blinked, and put his hand to his ear, bringing it back in front of his eyes to verify the blood.

Joe spat out the flap. “Ear’s your answer, asshole!”

Ryuji’s eyes opened wide, and he grinned from ear to ear, or uh, ear to the place where the other one used to be.

“I’m sorry, I can’t ear you! Time’s up, there’s gonna have to be a penalty!”

Ryuji stood up, leaned back, with knife in hand, arms outstretched, and started laughing like a real maniac.

This is a work of fan fiction. It’s assumed the reader knows the main characters of the King of Fighters series, so there’ll be none of those overlong introductions and descriptions.

This work is not to be reprinted, reposted, sold, copied, or stored anywhere but here on Please share a link to this page so I can get 0.0001 cents from ad revenue lol. Characters are copyright SNK, I will apply for licence if this ever gets popular (as if).

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